Maggie and Spencer

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How We Met

Spencer and I met in November at the University of Arizona when he saw me walking with my dog, Tessa, and wanted to pet her. We talked for a little bit and got each others numbers and began texting and making plans. After the first couple times we hung out, I traveled to Paris and tried to get in touch with him as much as possible. I would drag my mom to places that had wifi and even ask waiters to put in their wifi passwords just so i could send a quick text! When I got back and Spencer picked me up from the airport, we stayed up all night talking. This was when I knew I was going to fall head over heals in love with him. In December we made our first trip to California where he finally officially asked me to be his girlfriend! In February he took me to the Humane Society where we found our second dog, Curly Jefferson (I made the mistake of letting him name the dog!). We’ve spent every single day together since we met and it has been an amazing journey!

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how they asked

We decided to go to the Tucson Desert Museum and he asked me to dress up a bit. I figured he just wanted to take some nice pictures since most of the pictures we take are either selfies in the car or us in jeans and flannels! We walked around the museum for a bit to see all the animals and the panoramic views of the Sonoran Desert until we got to a little area surrounded by rock. He asked me to stay there while he went and asked someone to take a picture for us. We took a picture and instead of going up to the lady for the phone back, he reached into his pocket and puled out the ring! He got down on one knee and said “Will you marry me?” I couldn’t even speak! I was crying and shook my head yes and he put the most beautiful ring on my finger.

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