Maggie and Shane

Image 1 of Maggie and Shane

How We Met

We met in Kansas City at a local bar while he was working and I was enjoying time with friends!

How They Asked

It all started in January 2020 when Shane’s beautiful grandmother offered him her diamond to use for our rings because it had worked so well for her and Paps that she wanted to pass along the love and good fortune. After that Shane got to planning. He knew, with me being an event planner by trade, that I would try to plan a surprise party for his 30th birthday the upcoming year. He asked my parents for my hand in marriage in May and said ” I also know your daughter well enough that I think she is going to plan a surprise party for my 30th birthday in October. I am going to counter surprise her and propose!” He knew my guard would be down, I would be wrapped up in the details that I wouldn’t suspect a thing and I would pretty much plan my own engagement party. Well, I did everything he suspected I would do. I started trying to plan a party in May because I knew I would want people to make travel arrangements and we figured COVID would settle down by October. Well, come July we saw it wasnt and I decided to change the location of the party to his hometown, knowing fewer people would have to travel other than us. Come August WE MOVED. I figured with COVID still on the rise and us having just moved I would cancel the party and we would celebrate together at home. Well, unbeknownst to me everyone that was attending the surprise party knew they were really attending an engagement party and were scrambling to change flights and travel plans as well as convince me to still hold a party at least for immediate family and close friends. I wasn’t surprised when family and friends pushed to still come down and celebrate his birthday as we have an amazing group of people around us. So, we went through with the small gathering. As friends and family arrived that weekend I was busy preparing Charcuterie boards, baking birthday cakes, and mixing up drinks to sure our guests were comfortable and taken care of! Saturday, his actual birthday, rolls around and we have a wonderful day of outdoor games, college football watching and enjoying the company. We light the candles on the cake, wish him a happy birthday and he blows them out to make a wish. Everyone seems to get quite. Someone asks “what did you wish for” Shane responds “guess we will have to wait and see” I still suspect nothing. The evening continues and we have a toast to Shane being 30th and a new city. Everyone seems to get quite again. Odd, but still suspect nothing and I start to cleanup the empty glasses. Finally, a bonfire is lit, Casey Donahew Band’s song “Give Her a Ring” playing in the background I am showing my mom my new ‘self defense moved’ and I ask Shane to come help me demonstrate. I am much more gentle than I would be with an attacker, so I fake kick around the knee area. Someone yells “careful, he may need that knee later”. It didn’t even register. I go to showoff another move and next thing I know he is down on one knee and I am in total shock. The pictures capturing this moment are of pure joy and surprise. I said yes a million times over, shared so many hugs and tears and wanted to recount the story over and over. I love that he knew me well enough to truly surprise me, include our family and friends and make it a moment to remember.