Maggie and Sahin

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Milton Lee Olive Park

How We Met

Sahin (or Sonny, as many people know him as) and I met back during our freshman year of high school 2005. We were paired as partners in our biology class, and that is how we became friends. After graduation, we both went off to college and continued on with our lives.

Then on June 14th, 2014, a year after we had finished school, we both ran into each other at a mutual friend’s going away party. The following day we continued to talk and he asked me out to dinner. June 28th he took me out to dinner to a restaurant in Chicago that was known for the best banana bread pudding in the city, which he remembered from a convo we had prior. We were there for over three hours just talking about everything. He then surprised me and took me on a ride to the Adler Planetarium that night to get the perfect view of the skyline of Chicago. I knew after that night, he was the one.

How They Asked

December 7th, 2018 we had celebrated my birthday. We went out to a really nice dinner, which we as foodies love to do. The following morning he mentioned his other gift to me was photos for our holiday card, which I have been wanting ever since we got our puppy Lola earlier in the year. When he mentioned he got a photographer I was a little suspicious. I am a photographer myself and had expected to just get some photos in our home myself. We had gone to dinner that night with my family and everyone seemed to have plans for the following day. When I was hearing everyone’s plans I was saying to myself, it just wasn’t the time yet. I knew how much we would want to be with our families to celebrate a special moment like that

The following day we got dressed up for pictures. When we got there, I was so caught up talking with the photographer that I didn’t notice he was much quieter than usual. We got some photos together as we worked our way into Milton Lee Olive Park. Once we got to the overlook of the skyline, our photographer wanted a picture of us close together. She went to get some shots from farther away. As she was setting up, we both said I love you to one another. He then stated, “today is such a special day.” My eyes began to tear up as I asked: “why”? He then said, “Today is the day I ask you if you will be with us (us as in him and Lola) forever.” I instantly broke down in tears. I couldn’t be more excited knowing I am going to spend the rest of my best friend, and the most incredible person I know. We ended the night celebrating with both of our families together. It was the greatest day of my life.

Special Thanks

Janet Duszak
 | Photographer