Maggie and Ryan

Our engagement took place over the weekend of my 25th birthday.  I was laying hints in the months that preceded that I expected something awesome on my half a century celebration.  So when Ryan suggested the idea of going up to his family cabin up in the Catskills mountains for the weekend of my birthday, the fantasy idea of my huge surprise birthday party fizzled out.  And I was excited as the guest list finalized, just a few of our really close friends/family… but it wasn’t that giant “party of the century” that I was secretly hoping for.The day began with everyone heading to Belleayre Mountain to snowboard.  Everything was as usual.  The only strange, maybe even prophetic moment of the day came when I sat on the chair lift with my best friend, and now Maid of Honor, Trish, and we chatted about the possibility of marriage with our then boyfriends.  The conversation was brief, since we only had a few minutes before the lift dumped us off at the top of the mountain.  The trip was over, everyone was tired, cold, and hungry.

Photos by Meg Brock Photography

Back at the cabin, everyone showered and got into warm clothes.  After dinner, Ryan asked me to accompany him in walking our 4 month old puppy, Lucy.  I resisted at first, since it was below freezing out.  But he was persistent.  We dressed in our jackets, boots, gloves, hats, and flashlight, and headed out into the night.  Lucy was also wearing a jacket, it was very cold!  Ryan lead us down the path in front of the house.  He finally stopped once we got to the special place where we shared our first kiss, 2 years prior.  At that point, he looked at me and said “happy birthday, I hope there are many more that we can celebrate together, would you marry me?” He was kneeling in the snow.  I was shocked.  And after many seconds of shock I hugged him and agreed.  It was difficult to see the ring, since it was so dark.  That’s where the flashlight came in handy, Ryan pulled it out of his jacket pocket and shined it on the ring.  And (there’s another story here) it was the ring I had unknowingly picked out for myself a few months before, during a sneaky shopping trip with my friend Rachel.

Here are some of our engagement photos by the talented Meg Brock!

Ryan gave me the best 25th birthday present imaginable.  He planned my dream proposal, with a group of our closest friends there to celebrate afterwards.  We drank champagne by the fire, and celebrated not only my birthday, but our new engagement. Best night ever.

Photos provided by Meg Brock Photography.