Maggie and Richard

How We Met

It was one of those feelings when you see someone for the first time and you ask yourself — “woah… who is that?”

That’s how I felt when I saw Richie for the first time. But as cute as he is on the outside with his dimples, I quickly fell for who he is on the inside. It all started with a funny comment during a conversation at a college baseball house party in Bethlehem, PA. The next morning, my friend said, “You need to contact that one guy we met last night, he was so cute and cool.”

The night was a little blurry so I was relieved when I discovered we had exchanged Snapchat names. Talk about a classic #MillennialMoment.

My theater friends and I were having a party on our street the following night, so I sent him a Snapchat and invited him. Richie replied pleasantly with an “I’ll be there!” selfie-snap back. I was so excited.

Later that night, he was dropped off on my front steps alone — probably not sure what to expect. Neither did I. However, it became the night that changed our lives forever. We stayed up all night talking and laughing, and it was so effortless. I may or may not have tried to impress him when I told him I read a new word of the dictionary each night before bed, and that I loved Star Wars as much as him — but now we laugh about it, almost 5 years later.

Days and weeks following— we could not get enough of each other. We’d meet up between classes for a drive around campus, after class, during class, wherever we could to see each other for even just a little. Time was flying by so fast just like our love. We didn’t make things official because I was getting ready to return to Luxembourg to study abroad and I needed some time for myself after the loss of a close family friend. But Richie gave me that — he gave me time for myself, he showed me endless support, he encouraged me to go abroad even though he didn’t want me to leave. He demonstrated such selfless love and made me feel like I was enough. He has always made me feel like I never have to change who I was to be perfect in his eyes.

Richie ended up flying over to Luxembourg to visit me, and we made things official as boyfriend and girlfriend in Paris. We returned back to Center Valley, PA where I finished up my senior year of college as his girlfriend — and we had the time of our lives. Following college, I moved to Orlando, FL to work at Disney World while he finished his senior year of college, and his final year of baseball at DeSales. We conquered long-distance and that’s when I knew he was the real deal. As young 20-somethings, we knew our love was special and would do whatever we needed to do to stay afloat. Following my Disney Internship and his completion of senior year, we’ve both landed jobs in DC and things have been amazing ever since… it all feels like it was meant to be.

Now… we’re engaged!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And we’re moving to our first apartment in DC next week — someone pinch me I still feel like I’m dreaming.

How They Asked

Every summer since we’ve dated, we’ve always gone to Michigan together with Richie’s family. This was the 5th summer we took the ferry over to Mackinac Island together, but last weekend was the 1st time we went alone — and stayed on the island, just the two of us. We love our tradition of riding bikes around the entire island and then getting ice cream for lunch. There’s so many cute little shops to see and hole in the wall bars/restaurants to explore— friendly people to meet and memories to create. The island is absolutely gorgeous and it’s definitely our happy place. There’s no cars allowed on the island, so we rode a horse drawn carriage to dinner together on Saturday evening, August 24th. I could tell something was up when he kept pacing back and forth about our reservation — then he asked me to wait outside while he checked with the restaurant to see if we could be seated for dinner sooner than our expected time.

While I waited for him, I walked over to the side of the restaurant facing the lake and the next thing I knew, I turned around to see Richie walking towards me. He was walking towards me and the hostess of the restaurant was trailing behind him. From that point — all I remember is him saying, “Maggie I love you. I love you forever.” Then I said “I love you too.” Next thing I knew he was on one knee, and asked “Will you marry me?”

Maggie and Richard's Engagement in Mackinac Island, Michigan

I could not stop crying but through the tears I was able to nod my head and say YES. The hostess of the restaurant took photos of the authentic moment, which is why he wanted to go into the restaurant to see if someone was able to take our picture. He knew how much it would mean to me to capture that moment. I never knew that level of happiness until that very moment when he was on one knee. I am still over the moon — it’s all been such a happy blur. Then we called our parents and put our phones on airplane mode and had the most amazing dinner together and toasted to the future. Yes to forever — I cannot wait to keep visiting Mackinac Island every summer together forever. <3