Maggie and Owen

How We Met

After meeting online and choosing to just maintain a friendship, I surprised Maggie one day at her work. I walked up to the deli counter, pointed at her, and said, “Just who I was looking for! Get out here! I need a hug!” We had our first date later that evening and have been enjoying each other’s company ever since. I knew I had found something special that first weekend. No matter how hard she tried to scare me off over the couple months, I just kept reeling her in. She even tried scaring me with talking about getting married! Wow! Did that backfire or what??? (Story continues below…)

how they asked

Skipping ahead to early 2015… Having been together for 3 and a half years, I decided I just had to do something about this lady who had captured my heart. I started hunting for ideas by watching videos on YouTube of what other guys had done. I wanted to do something romantic, memorable, and unique. Flash mobs were out, as were surprise parties, Christmas, and Valentines Day. Those ideas were simply too overdone. Finally, it hit me. Considering how much she loves the western/country culture (one of the things that attracted us) and my love of railroads (another attraction), I contacted the staff at Silverwood Theme Park in Athol, ID with the idea of proposing during the train robbery scene they stage on their excursion train ride around the park. I was amazed at how excited they were to help me with my idea. We scheduled it for the second weekend they were open that season. To see how it all went down, see our video below!

Our Video

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