Maggie and Kort

How We Met

When I was going to Chico state, I used to work at the campus bookstore. Kort was working for an accounting firm and was hired to do the annual audit. We met there at the bookstore, and that day after work I came home and told my roommate at the time that I had met my future husband. My instinct was right :)

We ran into each other that weekend downtown and he asked me on a date. Our first date was him flying me to Lake Almanor (he has his pilots license) and us landing for dinner. The rest is history!

how they asked

I love horses more than anything. We had planned a trip to Maui since we had both so busy for work. Kort told me he booked us a trail ride since we had done that the last time we were there and I thought it was super sweet but didn’t think anything of it. When we got to the stable Kort was acting so weird, and finally told me it was going to be a private ride. It was the most beautiful setting and we were having the best time when he asked the guide if we could get off the horses to take a picture. At first both the guide and I said no, but finally we got to a place we could get off. I gave the guide my phone to take our picture and went to put my arm around Kort, and that’s when he got down on his knee and asked. I was so shocked I barely remember what he said. It couldn’t have been more thoughtful and perfect and I am so excited to marry him!

Image 1 of Maggie and Kort

Image 2 of Maggie and Kort