Maggie and Justin

Engagement Proposal Ideas in 18 Label Studios, Montclair NJ

How We Met

Justin and I met at a gym in Bergen County, NJ – Justin was a co-owner of the gym and I was a member and employee at the time. When Justin had started working behind the front desk at the gym, I, of course, noticed the handsome, strong, and kind guy he was. However, I was dating someone so I did not express interest right away. Also, I had no idea where he was in terms of relationships and because of fear of rejection I pushed aside my attraction to him. After a few months, I was single so I began doing my research (aka looking through Facebook, searching on Instagram, you know the typical things you do to find out about a person) and I came to the conclusion Justin was single too.

Maggie and Justin's Engagement in 18 Label Studios, Montclair NJ

The gym hosted an event at a bar that we both went to – not knowing that we both were into each other, we ended up talking the whole night. That week Justin asked to take me on a date to get frozen yogurt, he really knew the way to my heart! Our first date was pretty standard in that it consisted of the getting-to-know-you type questions. However, what truly made it special was when in the middle of our date Justin’s parents walked into the frozen yogurt place not knowing he was there. Embarrassed does not truly describe the look on Justin’s face. After moments of awkwardness and silence, Justin asked to leave the frozen yogurt place. As we walked out I started singing, “Let it Go,” from Frozen, although my voice is terrible, trying to ease the situation and put a smile on his face. Since then, 4 amazing years later, we can’t imagine our journey through life without each other’s love, care, support, and passion.

Proposal Ideas 18 Label Studios, Montclair NJ

How They Asked

Justin, my soon-to-be fiancee, set up a fake production set with his team at 18 Label Studios in Montclair, NJ. I, Maggie and soon-to-be fiance, was told I would be an extra on a production set for the studio; I even recruited my best friend from high school to be a part of it. Justin and his team had studio cameras and hidden cameras around the set, totally throwing me off guard and making it seem like a real production. I was completely oblivious of the magic that was about to happen. After a couple of staged scenes on camera, I was asked to stand next to a vase of flowers and talk about flowers with my friend as if we were going to host an event at the studio.

All of a sudden I hear Justin say, “Mag…Maggie.” Thinking he needed to tell me something quick to make the scene look better on camera I was completely caught off guard when I turned around and saw Justin kneeling with the ring. After minutes of surprise, excitement, and crying, I was hit with another amazing element of the whole proposal: my parents and Justin’s parents walked out from a green room, where they were hidden watching the whole proposal as it happened. The video truly captures how special it was, and how many people and moving parts were involved to make it come together.

Our Video

Special Thanks

Danny Monico
 | Co-Director
Ryan Windess
 | Videographer