Maggie and Justin

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How We Met

We met junior year of college when our dorm rooms were right across from each other. One day I woke up to a cute note under my door asking me over for a movie night. We started seeing each other quickly after that. Our first date was to a Halloween bar crawl (romantic, right??). We’ve been together 3 years now and are each other’s best friends.

How They Asked

A few days before he proposed, Justin and I had a conversation about getting engaged. I hinted that I didn’t want to get married while in grad school a year from now, wondering if he would spill on any plans he had about the subject. He had said that engagement is expensive and he couldn’t swing it with the pandemic happening right now. Little did I know, he had gone the previous weekend to a jewelry store to pick out my ring with my dad and brother. On the day of the proposal, he said we were going to dinner and to wear something nice. He said we would be going to a surprise location beforehand and would need a bottle of wine. I totally believed our conversation we had a few days before, so I didn’t think anything about this planned date night. I was a tad confused when he drove us to a hiking trail in nice clothes, but still somehow was oblivious. After we finished our wine, he leads me down to this lookout spot and dropped to one knee. It was a perfect surprise.

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