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How We Met

Anyone who visited, stayed with or just interacted with me (Maggie) in my first few years out of college probably heard about my affinity for Uptown Tavern. I spent 5 years living within a 5 block walk of the restaurant/bar and this became my local watering hole for dinners, happy hour, sporting events or nights out with friends. Where else would I have been on Saturday Nov 16, 2013?

Luckily, John was also a fan of the bar and happened to be there that evening too. Given how frequently we both visited Uptown Tavern, it’s fairly unbelievable that we hadn’t met before this night, but fate was in full force. John claims he spotted me across the room and we had made eye contact a few times and there may have been a little bit of liquid courage behind his approach, but he came over to talk to me and told me I was “the most beautiful girl here.” Talk about an opener and a bold move… Me being my always cynical self was ready to brush this guy off, but when he was willing to take a water moccasin shot (most of you who could relate to the first statement can probably relate here too) no questions asked, I knew he might not be so bad. He politely took my phone number and we parted ways. This confidence didn’t last too long when the next day he started smack talking my beloved Packers and I was ready to block this guys’ number forever. Luckily I didn’t and luckily he backed down on the Packer hatred.

We continued to chat about mutual topics that we could actually agree on (which luckily is just about anything aside from the few times a year our NFL or college teams are competing) and he even sat through Pitch Perfect the first time he came over for dinner.

how they asked

I may be biased now, but if Iceland isn’t on your to-do list, add it!!!

John and I planned a Euro Trip Fall 2016 with my parents and some friends and we ventured around a few countries in Europe. We were able to fly Iceland Air and laid over in Reykjavik both directions. We fell in love with the people and the scenery (even from the airport) especially, but thanks to their 2 minute “advertisement” you had to watch before you could watch a show/movie on the plane, we knew we had to come back! After we got back from Europe and had no flights booked, we naturally had to book something…fast. We didn’t even hesitate and knew our next international venture would be to Iceland and the week before the 2017 Summer Solstice (aka 21 hours of daylight which we found out is really just all day/night daylight) was perfect timing.

We asked a few friends to join us and they couldn’t say no. We planned out most of the “itinerary” for the trip including the sights to knock off daily and rental car, but left some of the trip (where we’d stay and for how long) open for planning upon arrival. S/O to our driver for keeping us safe in a country where 1 lane bridges on the main highway are extremely common, sheep grazing next to or crossing that same highway wasn’t unheard of and taking our rental Jeep off-roading through a few of what I would have considered to be rivers, like a champ. On Friday 6/16/17, day 3 of our adventure, we were checking out a few waterfalls, the local village of Vik and previously mentioned off-roading took place to get to a volcano that erupted under a glacier (I won’t even try to spell/pronounce, but thanks to Wikipedia, it was Eyjafjallajökull). It was on and off raining most of the day and thanks to the hour of off-roading and the about 8 bags of chips we consumed as a group during our exploration driving, we were all a little high strung and out of it. We arrived at Skógafoss (beautiful waterfall in Southern Iceland that I can now label my favorite waterfall in the world) early evening and the light rain that had been falling was now mixing with the mist from the massive waterfall and while still absolutely spectacular, we were getting fairly drenched. We found a nice fellow tourist to take our group picture in front of the falls and then asked a friend to take one for John and I. Little did I know, she was very prepared and planned on taking one anyways. John and I walked over to an area at the bottom of the falls and when I reached to put an arm around him, he wasn’t there…? I slowly turned around to see what exactly his reasoning could be to not want to take this picture (I will acknowledge that even by day 3, we had taken a LOT of pictures) and he was down on one knee and had a little gray box in his hand…and the rest is history. The others were able to film/photograph the whole thing and I couldn’t have asked for a better few people to witness and experience that moment with me. I’m not even sure I was speaking English for the first minute, but eventually I got a “yes, of course” out. We got to spend the next 3 days of our trip celebrating together with great friends and enjoying all that Iceland has to offer.

Again, I now have a soft spot for and may be biased to Iceland and its beauty, but I highly recommend you all go visit whenever you can – and be sure to stop by Skógafoss while you’re there :)

Special Thanks

Kristina Conaway
 | Photographer
Kristina Conaway
 | Planning