Maggie and Jay's Proposal at the Audubon Zoo

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How We Met

Southeastern Sweethearts: The summer before college started I had a friend who constantly talked about how much I would love Southeastern and how much I would love her friend, Jay, and boy was she right about both! I got to know Jay quickly because we were on the same indoor soccer team. Soon after meeting him he flirted with me by picking me up and trying to throw me in a trash can. For some reason I laughed so hard, and then I was hooked. On November 9, 2013 my friends and I decided to go to he Audubon Zoo in New Orleans. After walking around for a while Jay held my hand for the first time in front of the elephant fountain near the entrance. It felt strange, it might have been because my heart was racing, but it was probably because in his hand was a scrap piece of paper. Hoping it was a note professing his love for me, I quickly grabbed it. It was. At the very bottom of the note he asked me to be his girlfriend! I said yes and now plenty of cheesy dates, hundreds of silly pictures, and over two years later brings us to the proposal…

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how they asked

I had been ready to marry Jay for a while now, and we talked about it quite a bit, but on Black Friday 2015 he admitted that he wasn’t all that ready for marriage. I WAS CRUSHED. After plenty of talks and passive aggressive comments I got over it, but was still hopeful. A few months passed and Jay and I along with a few of his cousins decided to go to the Audubon Zoo on January 10, 2016 for Jay’s upcoming Birthday (I planned the whole thing). We probably picked the coldest day in the month of January. So, we all bundled up, and after church headed to the zoo. Jay would not stop talking about going to the elephant fountain, he was so excited, and I was so clueless. He said he needed to call his brother back, and I thought nothing of it. As we walked up to the elephant fountain I noticed a lot of people, but there are always a lot of people at the zoo, even when it’s cold. But then, I see Jay’s brother turn around and face me, and then my parents turned around, his parents turned around and so did a lot of our friends. One of which was holding a canvas that had “Marry Me?” written on it.

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I turn to Jay just as he is getting down on his knee (because he was caught in the moment and almost forgot). I didn’t even let him finish asking me to marry him before I screamed yes about a thousand times. He then proceeded to tell me that on Black Friday 2015, the day that he told me he wasn’t ready for marriage, he put a deposit on an engagement ring for me. I was shocked. There were so many people involved and I still had no clue. My heart is pounding as I relive this moment in my mind over and over. It was more perfect than I could have ever imagined, and so is Jay.

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