Maggie and Jason

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How We Met

Right before I started high school, my family moved to Georgia. It was overwhelming to start everything from scratch, but I quickly made friends and got involved in band and tennis.

One day, while I was a freshman, I got a call from a private number, and when I answered it, I only heard someone playing the song “100 Years” on the piano. It was so beautiful, and I sat listening until the song was over, and then promptly posted a facebook status thanking the anonymous piano player.

The next day in class, Jason came up to me and smiled and said “You’re welcome,” and thus our friendship began.

The next year, Jason and I got extremely close. He because my greatest confidant and one of my best friends. We stayed up late talking to each other on the phone, and spent our days together at school.

We were inseparable. Our relationship was completely platonic until someone mentioned to us once that they could see us as a great married couple.

After that, we saw each other differently, and December of sophomore year, he asked me to be his girlfriend under the huge, beautiful pistachio tree next to the church we attended.

how they asked

Jason and I now attend universities in different states, but the distance has only made us stronger. When we were both home for Thanksgiving break, Jason and I were driving to my house on Wednesday to bake pies.

All of a sudden, he pulled into the church parking lot and got out his phone. He played a video that he made of all of the best pictures we’ve taken throughout our relationship, set to “100 Years,” the song that started it all.

At the end of the video, we got out of the car, and he walked me under the tree where he asked me out four years ago. He then got down on one knee and pulled out a ring and asked me to to marry him, and of course I said YES! I am so excited to spend the rest of my life with my best friend!

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After I cried for a few minutes (out of happiness!) we went told our families, who are thrilled for us! I’m beyond ecstatic to not only become Jason’s wife, but to be a part of his incredible family!

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My heart is overflowing with all of the joy and well wishes we’ve received.

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