Maggie and Jared

Maggie and Jared's Engagement in Chicago

How We Met

We first met at Trinity Christian College. We immediately hit it off while hanging out with mutual friends. Next thing you know we were going on walks, talking until 3 in the morning, and just enjoying time getting to know one another.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Chicago

how they asked

I want to say I started planning the day back in February or March. It was never a question about if it was going to happen it was just finding the right time to make it all work. By the time April rolled around I had picked the date (July 7 which was when both our families would be available to celebrate with us) and had made plans to talk with Maggie’s Dad.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Chicago

I picked Chicago because that is where we had many memories together throughout our relationship. I first asked her to be my girlfriend at Navy Pier so the city is very special to us. However, I knew I couldn’t propose at Navy Pier because she would see right through my plans.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Chicago

On the day, we were traveling back to the Chicago area from a family vacation in Wisconsin. We had planned to have a “nice” dinner downtown Chicago with my parents and my brother and sister-in-law before they headed home to Colorado. I had to do this so that Maggie didn’t question me about why she needed to be dressed up that day. However, she was blasting me with questions all day and even commented about how that day would be perfect for an engagement. Way to put the pressure on Mags!

We got downtown Chicago and we walked around Millennium Park and Grant Park. We talked about our favorite moments we shared in the city and reminisced about our relationship over the past two years. When we came to the proposal spot in Grant Park, I noticed my brother and sister-in-law (Ross and Amy) and it all became very real to me at that moment. I was very nervous and as soon as we walked down the steps into the park I turned to Maggie and she knew it was going to happen. She was crying and was saying “It’s Happening! It’s Happening right now!”. I turned her around and told her how much I loved her and that I was so excited to spend the rest of my life with her. I got down on one knee and asked her to marry me and through the tears she said “Yes!” But it doesn’t end there.

Ross and Amy captured the whole thing beautifully and we set up some time to be able to take more pictures as we headed over to the Buckingham Fountain in Grant Park. As we were taking more pictures by the fountain Maggie had said to me that she couldn’t wait to call her parents and tell them the good news. I told her she did not need to call them and that she just needed to turn around. I had planned for our families to be there with us and Maggie was so excited. We spent the rest of the evening celebrating with our families, eating pizza, and staring at the ring and each other thinking we can’t believe this has happened. It was the greatest day of our lives (So Far!).

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