Maggie and Izaak

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How We Met

We went to high school together and I worked on his uncle’s dairy farm.

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How They Asked

Izaak and I got engaged on the first of May 2021. It was a beautiful spring day in Vermont. My mom and dad had us over for dinner that night. After dinner, my dad suggested we all take a walk out to the backfield to see if there were any turkeys in the field because Izaak had planned to take me out turkey hunting the next day. We got to the field right as the sun was starting to set over the mountains. Izaak asked me if I wanted to take a photo. As we were setting ourselves up for the photo Izaak pointed to the west end of the field and said “look, there are some Turkeys”. I turned away and watched them for a few seconds not realizing what was going on behind me.

Image 10 of Maggie and Izaak

When I did turn around I was completely surprised to see that Izaak was on one knee with a ring and asking me to be his wife. Of course, I said yes. My grandmother and my sister were equally as surprised and excited as I was. My parents were in on the surprise. After we settled down from all the excitement, my dad retrieved the cake and celebratory beverages that he had brought out to the field prior to Izaak and I got there. We toasted to new beginnings and watched the sunset over the mountains. May first, 2021 was a day of renewed excitement and brightness. The start of a new and wonderful chapter of our lives.

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Special Thanks

JL Damon
 | Photographer
Kate Couch
 | Lighting