Maggie and Evan

How We Met

I met Evan on a dating app 4 1/2 years ago. It took me 7 months to actually meet up with him. With snap chat being our main way of communicating in those months. Finally, he roped me into giving him a shot. The first date started out awful and slowly got better throughout the evening. I went home that night feeling okay about the date. Being the over-thinker and hopeful romantic that I am, I kept questioning how I should be feeling if he was “the one” for me. I overanalyzed the things that went wrong on the date as I typically do. However, something on that date swayed me into thinking that there was something. I’ve never met a man more confident and gentlemanly in my life. It was only fair to give him one more shot. So I invited him to my best friend’s 21st bday party the following day and it was the best decision I could’ve made. 4 1/2 years filled with family, friends, beach trips, graduations, and Florida Trips he always made me feel like the princess I jokingly pretended to be.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Disney World

How They Asked

He fed into the Disney / Dunkin obsessed person that I am. I had always told him about how I would want a proposal to be magical and amazing. And because I’m a dreamer and believer in fairytales..he wanted to make me feel loved and like a princess. What better way to express your love in a place full of hopes and dreams. He gave me the greatest modern love story 💕