Maggie and Danny

How We Met

Maggie and I met at! I was working as a Sales Representative and Maggie was my dedicated Client Support Specialist. We shared a book of business and managed accounts together. My job was to make the sale/bring in the business and Maggie’s job was to provide technical support and help to maintain the client relationship.

My first week at Indeed, Maggie scheduled a meeting with me. She asked me about my goals for the quarter, my quota, etc. The whole time she was speaking to me, all I could think about was how beautiful she was. I spoke in circles, to the point where she started laughing at me. I couldn’t think straight! For the first time in my life I was at a loss for words. I can talk to ANYONE, but for some reason this girl was intimidatingly perfect.

We continued working together and became great friends. One day, Maggie posted on her Snapchat story that she was shopping in Westport. I asked her if she wanted to grab lunch with me at Bar Taco and she said yes (!!!!!). I patiently waited for her at Bar Taco. It was chilly that day, but we sat outside. The waitress ended up giving us blankets and we cozily indulged in tacos and margaritas together.

When lunch was over, I didn’t want our date to end. I took her to Marshall’s shoe store, since she had never been. She bought a pair of shoes and we laughed and played music in my car from one destination to the next. Next, we went to Sunset Grille in Norwalk, one of my favorite spots. We got fried calamari and listed to the live music. All of the sudden, the band starts playing Rod Stewart’s “Maggie,” the song that Maggie was named after. It was almost too perfect.

We finished off the day with mini golf and ice cream. I dropped her off at her apartment and then ended up meeting out with her that night as well! We met at a bar in Stamford and when the lights turned on for last call, she kissed me. I knew at that moment that I would never kiss another girl in my life other than her. This was the best day of my life, up until our engagement.

how they asked

I don’t know where to begin. I made the best the decision of my life, to ask the girl of my dreams, Maggie, to marry me in Newport Rhode Island at the Castle Hill Lighthouse.

My plan was to do it the weekend before in Palmetoo Bluffton, South Carolina on June 30th (our first vacation together).

My ring was shipped to me on the 25th from Manhattan, with an arrival date of June 27th. It didn’t arrive on time, to say the least. Every day, the tracking information would say “in transit to next destination”. My plan fell through, I had no ring. I didn’t have a plan B until I knew the ring wasn’t going to arrive in time for our South Carolina trip.

Her dad had already had given me his blessing and now I had to call him and tell him that my ring never arrived.. Great look on me…

Anyways, it worked out perfectly because we had already planned a trip to Newport to attend the International Polo Match on July 7th with her aunt and uncle about two months in advance. So I planned to have my family and hers at Castle Hill Lighthouse during sunset, with a hidden photographer waiting for us.

Phew! I now had a plan B.

However, when I arrived back from South Carolina, the ring had still not arrived! The tracking information was still notifying me that it was “in transit”. I was playing all my cards for this ring to arrive the week of July 2th- July 6th, since I had booked a photographer and organized for our family members to be in Newport to be included in the best moment of our lives.

July 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th- No ring. I had already spoken to multiple representatives from USPS and they didn’t have an answer for me. The ring arrived on July 6th at 8 am, THE DAY BEFORE the big moment. Now all I needed to do was force her to get her nails done….which was a hassle!!! My parents had gotten her a gift certificate to a nail salon for her birthday and I had to tell her that my parents think she hates every present that they give her, in order for her to feel guilty enough to go get them done.

When I picked up the ring from USPS, I thought I was going to cry. TWO WEEKS of waiting and finally I could start preparing for the best moment of my life.

We had an amazing day at the Polo Match with Maggie’s aunt, uncle, and two cousins. We convinced Maggie that we were all going to Castle Hill for dinner. When we got to the restaurant, Maggie’s cousins Jack and Tess told her that we were all going to walk down to the Castle Hill Lighthouse (which Maggie didn’t know existed). Maggie’s cousin Jack had the ring in his pocket, on the walk down I stealthily gave him my phone in return for the ring, so that he could take pictures.

We arrived at the Lighthouse and another proposal was going on! Maggie spotted my photographer and says “OMG! You’re THEIR photographer! You are so sneaky over here!” Little did she know that this photographer was ours. She then asked the photographer if she’d take a picture of us!! My photographer said “I usually only take landscapes, but I could try!” (MY GIRL!!). She took our picture and then told us to go stand in front of the lighthouse.

I told Maggie to look me in the eye and tell me “our quote.” (We have a quote that we made up together: “Cheers to loving each other forever, through good and bad weather, we’ll travel the world together). At this moment, she realized what was happening and started to cry. I told her how much I love her, how she makes me a better person, and I got down on one knee and proposed to her.

Our whole family popped out from behind the bushes and SHE SAID YES! She was completely surprised and I’ve never seen her so happy. After anticipating this moment for months and after patiently awaiting for the arrival of her ring for over two weeks, I slipped onto her finger, where it will stay for the rest of our lives. The best moment of my life.

Special Thanks

Michelle Dearing