Maggie and Colton

Image 1 of Maggie and Colton
How We Met: At the age of 13 I attended a family reunion at a campground, there was also a church camp being held there with a group of kids my age. My cousins and I decided to go meet them and ended up playing games with them and having a good time. While I was there I saw the cutest guy with blonde hair and a hat with a fish on it. I was extremely shy and never spoke to him but I did get his name, Colton. All the junior high schools in the surrounding towns are put together into one high school starting at 10th grade. On my first day of high school in 2007 I was in math class when I noticed this very cute blonde haired guy who looked familiar, and when the teacher called the roll and I heard his name, I couldn’t believe it! We became fast friends but both had other short relationships here and there until the end or our freshman year when it was clear there was no one better for either of us than each other.

how they asked: Colton and I were going to visit some friends of ours that live a few ours away and decided to make a day out of it. We both love the outdoors so it was not surprising when he suggested we leave a little early and stop to have a picnic at Hanging Rock State Park. We love stopping at new places and having picnics. After we ate, he suggested we hike to the top to check out the view before we left. It took us a while to get up there but it was worth it, the view was beautiful especially with the leaves changing, it took my breath away. We stood on a rock towards the edge to take it all in, when Colton said his boot was bothering him. He bent down to fix it, or so I thought, but he never came back up. When I looked over he had pulled out a box and was on one knee, my heart stopped when he opened it and asked me to marry him. I was speechless but finally got out a yes! A few bystanders clapped and asked if I had said yes. It was precious and so us. It was definitely one of the best days and one I will never forget.