Maggie and Colin

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How We Met

Colin and I met in high school, andwe started dating when we were 17. We had been talking for a couple of weeks, when we both ended up at one of his school events. He went to the all boy’s school, and I attended the all girl’s school. The night of the school play, I tried on maybe 30 outfits. When I arrived, he was sitting with all of his friends. I said hi and immediately went over to sit with my friends! At the end of the play, we talked for maybe five minutes, and I got in my car and left. As I was pulling into my driveway, my phone starts ringing. It’s colin. He says, “hey have you left yet, I still wanted to hang out.” Me being so excited, lied and said yes I just left, I’ll turn back around!” So pulling out of my driveway for the second time that night, I went back to the school. We went to go get ice cream at TCBY, and instantly hit it off. I knew that night at the age of 17, I was going to marry him. The rest is history. The picture below is when we were 18!

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how they asked

I could have not asked for a better proposal! I had been complaining for two weeks about this “dumb work party” we had to go to downtown. Everyone at Colin’s office is at least 15 years older than him, so why were we even going?! He told me the party was at Beale Street Landing. It is a spot in downtown Memphis, that has a great view of the Memphis bridge. He picks me up at 6:30, and I am still complaining about going to this party! It was a beautiful, cloudless day…until we started driving downtown! Out of nowhere it starts pouring raining while the sun was still shining! I still didn’t catch on when he mom called twice, and he pulled over to check the weather radar. It was ten minute rainfall, and by the time we got downtown the rain had stopped! As we start walking up to the top of the hill on Beale Street Landing, he says, “this is all a lie, there is no work party.” Inside, I started freaking out.

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As we get to the top, he has photo collages of 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2016. It was like a walk down memory lane looking at all the great times we had had so far together. At the end of the picture collages, he proposed. I have no idea what he said, or if I even said yes, but he assured me that I did!

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He hired a secret photographer to catch the moment. Afterwards, we went to Automatic Slims in Memphis where I was surprised with both of our immediate families to celebrate and eat a great dinner. After dinner, I had another surprise waiting for me. We went on Beale Street, where he rented the top deck of Alfred’s and all of our friends were there to celebrate! One of my best friends even flew in from Charlotte, NC. It was truly the best night of my life, surrounded by everyone that is so important to me. I could not have asked for anything better!

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