Maggie and Cody's Retirement Party Proposal

How We Met: The night Cody and I met, I knew he was going to be the man I married. We met by chance through mutual friends in downtown Memphis. I had just broken up with my ex boyfriend that night and he was in the middle of studying for a medical school exam, so it was very out of character for us to go out with friends that night. That night we laughed, danced, and talked until about 2 am. Suddenly he said he had to leave because he had work the next day and just walked out of my friend’s apartment where we were all hanging out. I chased after him asking if I’d ever see him again and he just said “Yeah, darlin'” and walked away. Neither of us knew each other’s last name or had each other’s number, but that was the start of our forever.

Retirement Party Proposal

how they asked: For the last two months, my parents have been planning a retirement/anniversary party for my grandparents. They invited both my dad and mom’s side of the family along with some very close family friends. My dad also had a photographer come to the dinner, but I didn’t think anything of it because we hardly ever get both sides of the family together and it was such a special occasion for my grandparents! A few minutes after the dinner, my mom begged me to go get something that she had forgotten at our house so I reluctantly went with her. During the time I was gone, my dad and Cody (my fiance) had 13 minutes to tell the guests that Cody was proposing (most of them had no idea that was the real reason for the dinner) and to explain to them how they were a part of the proposal. I had no idea any of it was about to happen and, once again, Cody swept me right off my feet.

Photography/Videography by Tim Reed