Maggie and Andrew

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How We Met

Andrew and I met working for the San Diego Padres. We worked in the same department and he sat right next to me. A real Jim and Pam from “The Office” situation. He started to email me “Fun Facts” about him and we quickly became friends. After being friends for sometime, we both developed pretty strong feelings for one another. It wasn’t much longer that we started to date.

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how they asked

Since we worked together and shared a mutual love for baseball, it was only a perfect setting for our engagement to be the night of the 2016 All Star game. We both worked for the Padres and they were the gracious host. His parents had just moved to San Diego, and my parents were coming in for the game. The morning of the All Star game, while I was at work, Andrew had asked my parents for permission. I had no idea what was going on!

Later that day, and during the game, I could tell he was acting funny. Of course I was distracted because of family, friends and baseball, I had no clue. Since it was the All Star game, we were all sitting in different seats in the park and Andrew had texted my parents, his grandma, dad and our friend Nick and suggested we all meet up after the game. He said that he had an idea on a place to go get dinner.

After the game, we all met up and started to walk onto 5th Ave and Andrew pulled me aside and said he wanted to take a picture near the Gaslamp Sign, which is the heart of San Diego. Of course, I thought it was weird since we lived here but I obliged to take a picture. After my mom snapped a photo, he pulled me aside again underneath the Gaslamp sign. He grabbed my hands and said “I love you very much and I’ve had the best week with you. I want you to make me the happiest man in the world.” I gave him a confused look because I was caught so off guard. He then said “I’m going to ask you to marry me now” and proceeded to get down on one knee. Of course I said “YES!” and ugly cried. When I turned around, not only were my parents standing right there, but his parents, sisters, our closest friends were all there to celebrate with us! It was truly an All Star night!

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