Maggie and Aaron

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How We Met

Our journey has been so special! We’ve been together for nine years, beginning as sophomores in high school. Our relationship stood true though college and two years of distance after graduation, which truly tested us as a couple, but brought us so much closer together. Now we are embarking on the most amazing adventure yet, our future together.

how they asked

Aaron and I like to call our special days together Adventure Days – exploring the city, going on a hike or away for the weekend, and these are our favorite days! Little did I know that our most recent Adventure Day spent wandering DC held the best surprise I could ever ask for. The day started with a trip to a new restaurant down by the old Naval Shipping Yard in DC and a walk by the water. It was a beautiful day to explore! On our walk, we found a notebook under a bench with a sign that encouraged readers to leave a quick note. Aaron wrote about how he loved our Adventure Days together and how he “can’t wait to see what our future would bring!” After some quick sightseeing, we started our journey to the Lincoln Memorial. When we got to the Lincoln Memorial, I stared up at the massive amount of steps and asked if we could stop half way. (It’s a lot of steps!) He took us up nine steps (one for each year we have been dating), and we sat down looking at the Reflecting Pool. We talked how the reflecting pool represents both the past and future. As we talked, people looking up at the monument started saying, “Hey, what’s that?” I turned around to find four large neon signs saying “Will You Marry Me?” held by our parents and his brother, and surrounded by our awesome group of friends! He got down on one knee and proposed, and of course I said YES! It was by far the best Adventure Day we have ever had, and although I don’t know if there will ever be another one this good, I can’t wait to spend a lifetime of Adventure Days with him! Image 2 of Maggie and Aaron

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