Magen and Chris

Image 1 of Magen and Chris

How We Met

We met in high school in 2009. I was sitting in the gym and he asked a mutual friend who I was. After Christmas break he got switched into one of my classes and we immediately hit it off and became friends. It wasn’t until the summer when we made it official and have been together ever since.

How They Asked

We were at our sons 2nd birthday party. We just finished cutting the cake and opening presents. He told everyone that there was one more announcement we had to make. I was too busy telling everyone thank you so he repeated himself and said “thank you for coming everyone, there’s one more announcement.” He got down on one knee with our son right in front of us and asked me to marry him. I was full of emotion. After being together for 10 years I knew we would eventually get married but I had no idea it would happen with all of the events going on in our lives such as just having another baby, moving into our first home, etc. I always knew we would be together, but I didn’t think our dreams of having a life together, starting a family, and graduating high school and college together would come true. It is a true fairytale.