Magda and Milton

Image 1 of Magda and Milton Del

Milton and I are high school sweethearts. We’ve grown up together and have learned so much from each other. I knew the day he asked would be the most amazing day ever. Well that day was surely an interesting day. We had been planning a trip to Universal Studios for many months (8 months to be exact) but once we got closer to that day everything that could go wrong did. Our hotel was cancelled and we had to rebook 2 days before we left, we had a flat tire on our way there even though we changed the tire, we missed our Cirque de Soleil showing that night at (we had been planning to see that show since it’s ending this year) After a very long day we finally made it to the hotel and as soon as I walked through the door of our room I saw the decorations and the breathtaking words, “Will You Marry Me?” It was the most perfect moment and everything that’s happened before that moment was a thing of the past. The next day we surprised me with a surprise engagement party with my entire family there. He rented a big house for all our family and made sure I was being surrounded by love. What a perfect weekend by a perfect man.

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