Magda and Bobby

how we met

So they have met in 2006 when Magda was doing work and travel program. She had to go back to Poland after summer. Bobby came in December to visit her in her home town. They were dating for few years traveling back and forth, doing the long (really long) distance thing. They got married in 2010. And there were two weddings, in April here in USA and then in August in Poland. So finally in 2011 Magda moved to the USA.

how they asked

Magda was actually so mad at him when he proposed because it was on the bus going from Warsaw airport to my city and he was showing me some photos on his phone and there was a photo of the engagement ring. so at this point she knew what was going to happen. He blew it! So he just gave Magda the ring right there on the bus in the middle of nowhere. She was hoping for a little bit more of a romantic moment.

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