Magaly and Fabian

How We Met: We met through a mutual friend he asked for my number and we began talking. We hit it off since the beginning!

how they asked: The night before the proposal/my birthday his sister invited me to dinner to celebrate my birthday. While I was at dinner with his sister he went to my house with his parents to ask for my hand, everyone knew except me.

The next day after work my family and his family all had dinner at my house. After dinner Fabian told me he had a surprise for me so we left my house and everyone stayed at my house. The surprise was a beautiful carriage ride through downtown Fort Worth. (The drive to Fort Worth was interesting, he kept mentioning he felt he wanted to throw up) lol I thought it was the dinner he had, little did I know what would happen later that evening.

After the carriage ride he said we could go to a couple of bars with some friends so of course I was excited because I was finally 21! We then drove towards the Stockyards and as he parked he seemed more and more nervous but again, I thought it was the dinner. We were walking towards the area where he said our friends would be meeting us but stopped right before we turned a corner.

He told me he had another surprise for me, blind folded me with his bandana and walked me towards “the unknown”. We waked a few yards, he removed the bandana from my eyes, and in front of me was a handful of our friends holding signs that said “Happy Birthday Magaly”, to the right of them was my entire family along with his, every one including strangers were cheering!

I was pleasantly shocked and as I turn back to ask him whats going on, and he begins to tell me how much he loves me and wants to spend the rest of his life with me. I notice a large crowd behind us it seemed as if they bad been waiting for us to atrive. He repeats over and over that he loves me and he then turns me around towards my family and friends and the signs now read “Will you marry me ??? (He has called me his honeybee since we started dating)

When I turned around to him, he was on his knee as he asked me to marry him. ❤️

Image 1 of Magaly and Fabian

I said yes and he placed the ring on my finger. We walked towards my parents and the crying began, it was a very emotional night❤️ There was a professional photographer that captured every moment!?

We are now planning a wedding!❤️?

Photos by: Senia San photography and Bianar Photography