Maegan and Henry

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Caribbean Cruise

How We Met

I like to think of our love story as just that, an actual story. I was angsty and just 17 years old when I opinionatedly tweeted out “I would much rather watch Star Wars than the movie The Vow on Valentine’s Day.” Shortly after I received a retweet and follow from Henry, but honestly thought nothing of it. Fast forward a few days later, I was working a late shift at a local Mexican restaurant when I got a direct message from Henry introducing himself and where I also read the most original pick-up line of all time… “Hey, I feel like I know you from somewhere!” Of course in true Maegan fashion, my response was anything but shy. Instead of playing along I went with a sweet, “Honestly, you probably don’t but here’s my number so we don’t waste time DMing back and forth.” Little did I know, he was right. We did know each other from somewhere, we just didn’t figure it out right away.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Caribbean Cruise

After a few weeks of messaging back and forth, he finally got the courage to ask me out on a date, and those dates continued for a whole month. They ranged from museum visits and family gatherings to fancy dinners or a half-gallon of chocolate milk and Air Head Extremes in a parking lot. We discovered in getting to know one another that we did, in fact, know each other from somewhere – KINDERGARTEN. Not only that, but we lived just one block apart as kids. 7 and a half years have passed since we first met and we haven’t left each other’s side. Luckily, it doesn’t look like we’ll ever have to.

How They Asked

My now fiancé is very competitive and for years has listened to me go on and on about how no one can surprise me. I always joke that he’s not necessarily the best at keeping secrets so of course, he decided to prove me wrong. In late 2017 Henry booked a surprise cruise to celebrate my 24th birthday, college graduation, and unbeknownst to me… our engagement. On our 6 year anniversary, he told me we were going on a cruise and of course I couldn’t contain my excitement. But there was a catch, he wouldn’t tell me the ship, ports of call, stateroom type, nothing. Because of these “secrets,” I had a feeling this would be where he (finally) asked, but I didn’t want to grow too hopeful and risk ruining our vacation. As we got closer and closer to the trip I felt so certain it was going to happen, but then again the closer we got the more I feared being disappointed on a trip he worked so hard to plan for us. Both our families knew the proposal was going to happen but they were all told by Henry it would go down on the first day. Sure enough in true Henry fashion, it did not (hah!) I would learn later on that he just “couldn’t find the perfect moment.” We sailed away, with no connection to the outside world, and so did my hopes for a proposal if I’m being honest. I, however, refused to let that put a damper on the trip of a lifetime! When day 3 came around, Henry was acting as he always did so I suspected nothing. We went to dinner, and the night before he seemed disappointed that we missed the sunset, so I suggested we catch it right after dinner this time. We found a hidden stairway that led us to the perfect sunset viewing spot, under the Boardwalk my most favorite spot on the ship. We grabbed two seats and talked about typical Henry and Maegan things like “’Can you wait for the lobster night because I don’t think I can?’ ‘How old is Leonardo DiCaprio really?’ and ‘What would you do if my face got stuck like this?” **cue double chin** The last silly question I can remember asking was “How much money would I have to give you to jump off the ship and not get back on” when he suddenly said, “I have to ask you something.” My response? An ever so graceful, “WHAT” (with an eye roll if I might add). He then emphasized he was being serious, and I started to freak out. He pulled a ring out of his pocket and the rest is history!