Maegan and Alfred

Proposal Ideas The Eternal Flame. Orchard Park, NY

Let’s start by letting you know that Freddy had this proposal planned for weeks in advance. He put his research in it big time! It was our first real formal date together as well as our anniversary. Freddy came by and picked me up from my house early in the morning. He said to wear clothes that I didn’t mind getting dirty because we were going for a hike. We took a drive out to Chestnut Ridge Park. I’ve never been there before but had always heard about the ‘Eternal Flame.’ Since it was April and this is also Buffalo, there was still snow melting throughout the hike. Lucky for us it was actually not too cold out either. After climbing up and down hills, threw water, and over a bunch of logs we reached the waterfall. You could see the flame perfectly from where we were standing. It was amazing and beautiful. Freddy then got on his knee (in the water) said the perfect speech and asked me to marry him. Of course he knew the answer already, but I some how was able to say yes between the happy tears!!