Mae-Lynn and Casey

How we met: Me and Casey met in May of 2013. We were friends of friends so we hung out quite a bit but it wasn’t until about August that we finally went on our first date (a date which I asked HIM to!) to a Real Salt Lake game. Few weeks later we got to go to lake powell with a ton of friends which is where we had our first kiss! Unfortunately after that great time I left to California for the next few months and it was rough while I was gone! We were on and off a lot (my fault). I came home late on December 11th, too late to go see him. So on December 12 we hung out and honestly just never stopped. We were going to “talk” about us but psh we were long past that. We hung out every day over Christmas break and when January came I had to go back up to school at Utah State in Logan so we did the whole long distance thing. Turns out long distance isn’t THAT hard when you’re both committed. We spend a lot of time on the phone, driving and who knows how much on gas money but it just made hanging out that much better! We FINALLY said “I love you” on my birthday (in JUNE) and life was great! As summer went on and the dreaded goodbyes kept happening we knew we wanted to get married. Originally we wanted to wait for my mom to get home from her mission in Mexico City, but that would mean no wedding until NEXT December (2015). We decided May would be best and worked it out for my mom to be able to come home for it. So, we got engaged!

how they asked: Basically I am a brat and Casey is a saint and i’m so lucky that he loves me. He told me he was going snowboarding all day on saturday (which isn’t out of the usual). It was about 5:30 when he finally called me and said “hey can you come over in like 15 min” umm no. I told him i would go over when i was done helping my sister do stuff and he kept saying “well lets just go to dinner” and I continued to respond with “im not hungry” etc. Eventually I left the house and I was so bugged that he was rushing me. He had been having fun and hadn’t talked to me ALL day and then expected me to be over there the second he called? Needless to say I was being difficult. I spent the car ride telling him why I felt frustrated and everything, and poor kid just kept saying I know I’m sorry etc. When we got to the spot, I still had no idea and was in the completely wrong mindset to even suspect anything. We walked up and he started saying the cutest things and I FINALLY realized what was happening. I looked at him with huge eyes and started bawling saying I was so so sorry. My poor guy spent ALL day trying to make it perfect for me and here I was giving him a hard time for it. Turns out even when I’m being moody, am dressed like a homeless person and look like a total punk, he still loves me. He got down on his knee and has me to marry him and I could barely mutter out the sound mmhmm through my tears. I love this man and am so excited for may 12, the day i will become his wife. WIFE! ha, that’s so cool.