Mae and Mack

How We Met

Mack and I met in North Carolina on the track team at college, he threw javelin and I threw hammer. We spent most of our time on different fields, throwing heavy objects towards each other never really speaking. Sometimes he would try to flirt with me in gym but I never gave him the time of day. It wasn’t until our coaches made us weightlifting partners that I realized how much I liked him. He grew up in Jersey just two counties up from me, he made me laugh, pushed me in the gym (wasn’t a huge fan of that) and was a great friend. At the end of the semester we finally went on a date, which ended with us being stuck in a lifeguard stand during a lightning storm. All because Mack swore that he took Weather and Climate, and it was obviously just heat lightning, which it wasn’t. We survived the storm, and its been smooth sailing ever since.

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how they asked

After graduating from college, I moved to New York to get a masters degree in Marine Conservation, Mack graduated and had a job in Clinical Research lined up in North Carolina. The distance wasn’t so bad, and it made the time we spent together extra special. During my spring break I went to visit him and our dog, both I hadn’t seen since January. Mack kept telling me about this elaborate surprise date day he had planned for us, and I just couldn’t wait to see what he put together. The day after I arrived I wasn’t feeling well, but woke up so excited for date day that it didn’t matter. Mack took us to my favorite breakfast place, whose southern breakfast I had been missing for so long. After a filling bowl of grits I felt better, and Mack took us to our next location: the beach entrance where we had our first kiss during the lightning storm. He laid out a blanket, and poured each of us a cup of coffee. We sat there and watched the clouds clear from over the ocean, and he explained that each activity he had planned had something I like and something he likes in this case he likes coffee, and I like the beach.

We went home and got ready for the next adventure: a nail salon where Mack had arranged for both of us to get mani-pedis. He thought that I needed to relax after a stressful semester, and he likes to do new things. During the entire time I was having a hard time relaxing because my stomach hurt so much, and the smell of lotion was eventually over powered by the smell of tums I was constantly chewing. Despite that we had the best time laughing and debating if Mack should get a flower painted on his toe or not, sadly I lost that battle.

Mack took us both home, where he got our dog Sonic ready to go on the fourth part of the date day. Mack strapped the go-pro to Sonic and we hopped back into the car. At this point I was feeling awful but I didn’t want to ruin this day Mack had planned for so long, so I grabbed a bag on the way out of the door. During the long drive to the mystery location, I found myself very appreciative of said bag as I spent what felt like forever throwing up. Mack looked so sad when he asked if we had to turn around, but I was convinced I was not going to ruin date day, so we continued. We arrived to Fort Fischer Park, and we started to go for a little stroll. This was one of Mack and my favorite places, which he explained was my part of the adventure, and Sonic wearing the go-pro was one of his favorite things. As we walked by this gorgeous, wooded area, I saw a picnic blanket laid out with a wicker picnic basket, and sunflowers and hydrangeas scattered around. Mack pulled me towards the picnic, I was completely amazed he arranged for this and my favorite flowers too! When he asked me to turn around because the person had forgotten to lay out the surprise snack, I didn’t think twice that it was going to be a cupcake. When I turned around Mack was on one knee with a beautiful ring.

He must have referenced my pinterest, because not only was it the most perfect ring, but he also had a hidden photographer to capture the moment it happened, and Sonic even did a pretty good job of catching it on video too.

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We had to cut the picnic short, because between the proposal and my stomach bug, I needed to go home. While calling all of our friends and family on the car ride home I was throwing up into Sonic’s poop bags, and all over the seat of Mack’s car. Mack soon enough caught the bug as well, and we spent the rest of my spring break eating crackers and broth and holding back each other’s hair: we wouldn’t change a thing. Needles to say we are ready for the “in sickness and health” part of marriage.

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Special Thanks

Ben Minor
 | Photographer