Mae and Josh

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How We Met

Josh and I had been really great friends for about three years before we started talking. Once we had our DTR conversation, it took him about a month to convince me to date him and take that next step. I was scared that this relationship might be endgame, and I didn’t know if I was ready to find the one yet! But finally, we started dating and the past two years have been the best years of my life.

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How They Asked

I’ve always told him that I wanted to be genuinely surprised whenever he proposed and he really pulled it off!!! I was so impressed by how everyone around me was so involved and that really made me feel so loved. The day started off with my roommates and I go to a birthday brunch, then going to NEKO Cafe in Bellingham, and then my roommate convinced me to go to Larabee State Park because it was a beautiful day.

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Josh was waiting for me at the park, and he led me down this path of white rose petals, photos of our relationship, and then we got to the end where he said, “and this is where we’re going to start the rest of our lives together.” It was such a magical moment, and our families joined us on the rock afterward!!!

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Special Thanks

Madi Schlomer
 | Photographer
Joslyn Bopray
 | Planning
Ashley Ranson
 | Planning