Madysen and Clint

How We Met

I made the decision to move away from home to San Diego, CA. (From northern/central Cali to southern Cali.) I met Clint while I lived there. He was an officer in the Marine Corps stationed in southern Cali but originally from Madison, Wisconsin. After our first date (after just spending 14 hours with him) I went home the next weekend and told my mom all about the amazing man I had met the previous weekend. Her exact words were “don’t scare him off” but little did I know, I couldn’t have. I wasn’t looking for a “Clint” I was looking for new friendships and contentment in a new found place, I had just experienced death very close to my heart, part of moving was me coping. Clint brought me to a new place in my life, he made me a better person from the start. From there on out, the rest is history.

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how they asked

Clint deployed to the Middle East early April this year and came home late October. During the long awaited FaceTime calls and the care packages that took months to get there, we had talked about furthering our relationship and giving meaning to spending the rest of our lives with each other. Clint and I celebrated Christmas with my family the Saturday before Christmas so that we could spend Christmas Day with his family in Colorado. On the way back to my mom’s house Saturday night, Clint told me he forgot to put something in my stocking earlier that day and asked if I wanted to open it. He assured me, “You might not like it. It’s just something little.” I told him I wanted to open it but didn’t think he heard me when he didn’t give me anything and continued driving. Ten minutes later he pulled down a country road, parked and told me to open the center console of his truck. I opened it and saw a little black box tucked inside the corner. He told me to open it and as I grabbed it I was thinking, “This is a ring.” *fan girl scream in head* but I knew better than to get my hopes up so early, I opened the little black box just enough to slip my finger inside to feel it and make sure it wasn’t just earrings. When I felt the ring I opened the box all the way, I looked at him as tears filled my eyes and he responded with, “will you marry me?” And I nodded, “yes.”

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Special Thanks

Laura Armstrong
 | Laura Armstrong Photography