Madisyn and John

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How We Met

I was with one of my best friends, at one of the best places ever, Target. We did what every girl did around the holidays, went shopping for “family” and left all the stores with nothing but new boots, scarves, and cozy sweaters. Emily and I were finally ready to check out and as I turned the shopping cart into the checkout lane, that’s when I saw him. Dreamy, tall, beard, and a great butt! I was so distracted that I nearly ran him over. I thought I was being so cool and playing everything off like a champ, but in reality I was giggling so loud and being so obvious. The whole time I was giggling Emily kept saying that she thought she had seen him before.

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Once we got to the car, it finally hit her. My mystery handsome panda worked with her husband. What did we do next? We blew up Emily’s husbands phone. Brain wasn’t as excited as we were, but he gave us the 411. My mystery man was John Curoe. Without knowing, John and I would run into each other a few more times over the next few months. We exchanged small talk, but I was still so nervous and couldn’t talk to him like a normal person. We never exchanged numbers, and I thought for sure I blew it with my small talk. A few weeks later I was with a girl friend at a happy hour and who walks in the door? John!

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I knew it was sign! He was with a group of his friends for a birthday party. John left his group and found me at the bar. After some liquid courage, we talked the entire night away. John finally asked for my phone number and after accidentally giving him the wrong one first, we exchanged numbers. I was on cloud nine! I couldn’t wait to see what was going to happen next! John and I wasted no time. We knew we had to connect on our own terms! After a wonderful first date, we both knew we had something special. John would send me flowers, sweet texts, and best of all, he sent me new sweat pants to my office. Now that’s true love.

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Shortly after a few of our dates, I had a collar bone sugary. I couldn’t drive, couldn’t lift anything, couldn’t shower like normal, couldn’t sleep, I was basically home bound and going crazy. John asked me to stay at his place post surgery so he could take care of me. I was kind of nervous for him to see so torn up, but it was an offer I couldn’t refuse. John bought special pillows, new dvds, moved furniture, got me snacks, and so much more! After seeing John go through all this trouble, I just knew he was in for the long run.

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The past 3.5 years have been nothing short of magical. Vacations, wineries, buying our first house, weddings, new jobs, and so much more. Every year since we’ve been together John and I have kept a “year box” – a box that collects everything from that year. Movie stubs, wedding invitations, sporting tickets, funeral programs, pictures, holiday cards, and everything in between. Every year, John and I get a bottle of wine and look back on the year. We are so lucky to have each other and create such amazing memories and traditions.

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John has been my rock and the most amazing partner. He’s honest, hard working, funny, incredibly handy, sweet, selfless, determined, and oh so handsome. I truly believe I’m the luckiest girl in the world.

how they asked

Every year, John and I have a Surprise Day for each other. We plan an entire day full of places we’ve never been before or things we’ve never done together. August 26th was my Surprise Day. We started the morning at a new bistro, went to the City Market for wine, did an escape room (didn’t make it, but came so close!) and went for tacos and beer. I thought the day was over when John said we had one last stop.

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When we arrived at the restaurant, we both had to use the restroom. When I came out, the hostess said John was already seated at the table. I followed her back and when we turned the corner, I saw only my dad at the table. I asked him a 100 questions a minute! I noticed I had a video text from John. In the video, he said that he had left the restaurant. He went on to say that he had asked my dad, mom, and brother for my hand in marriage and their blessing. So I’m basically bawling at the table now. John said he wanted me to spend this time with my dad to make sure this was the direction I wanted my life to go and to make sure my dad hadn’t changed his mind about him. – Luckily, my dad didn’t!

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John texted me and said a car would be waiting out front in 10 minutes. My dad walked me to the car, kissed me bye, and told me to make the right decision. John had arranged for one of my best friends who lives in Nashville to pick me up. When I saw Casi we both started bawling in the street together. After blasting Casi and her soon to be hubby with questions, she told me John had scheduled a nail appointment for the two of us – with wine! This was all happening Saturday evening. I thought John was at work all day Friday like normal. John was texting me when he was at “lunch” and on “break” to see how my day was going. As it turns out, John took Friday off to get everything organized. He also went shopping for me! He bought me 3 new dresses to wear Saturday night. Who does that?! He gave the dresses, a bag of heels, and my hair brush to Casi. After our nail appointment, I found the perfect dress and we headed to back to the house.

When we pulled up to our house, I was expecting to see John – but I didn’t. Casi and Bryan ran inside. I looked over to the side yard and saw hundreds of candles in heart bags leading me in a path to our back yard. I started walking down the path and when I reached the back yard, I saw a photographer and videographer waiting for me in the back yard. I was just thrilled I had on waterproof mascara because I was a MESS! John had put up hundreds of lights and candles all over the deck and yard. When I reached the end of the path there was a heart shape outlined in candles. I turned and saw a big screen TV on the deck. John had a made a movie of past 3.5 years together to our song. Some of the pictures said “our first vacation” or “the first picture we ever took together” and so on. It was truly the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen.

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After the video ended, John came out in a suit and tie. I was crying, he was crying, pretty sure photographer was crying, we were all crying! John made his way to me and said the sweetest, most loving, heartfelt words I’ve ever heard. John got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife. After trying to find my words, I screamed yes! I’ve literally been crying happy tears since! I can’t wait to see the proposal video! I don’t really remember everything John said, or everything I said. I was so overwhelmed with joy that I couldn’t focus!

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Special Thanks

Lindsay Lack
 | Photographer