Madisyn and Cody

Where to Propose in Bristol, RI

How We Met

I wish I could say our relationship started with some magical moment or some type of accidental love at first sight situation. But really it started out as an innocent middle school crush that ended faster than it began. We went on one date if a date is really what you wanted to call it. Then we went our separate ways. There was a connection between us though that we both just couldn’t explain and we were too young to bother. When my freshman year in high school was coming to an end, I wanted to explore that connection again.

Madisyn's Proposal in Bristol, RI

I sent a single lined text “hey” and the rest was history… no, I’m kidding. But seriously. Modern day love story here folks. Things became very serious very fast and I think that was a lot to digest for teenagers. Our “love story” is the farthest thing from perfect. There was a lot of break ups and make ups, balancing a relationship and teenage hormones. When we both graduated it seemed our relationship was finally settling in. If you would have told me, in the beginning, I would be marrying Cody, I would think you were crazy, but I would have believed you.

how they asked

Every Fourth of July is spent the same way. Watching the parade go by, sitting front row at my grandma’s house. Then a big ol’ family cookout in the back. This year was going to be special. Cody’s best friend/cousin was flying down for a week and my grandparents both seemed to have reasons to venture up here from the south. Now as I’m describing this it’s hard to not see the obvious. But if you knew me and you knew my family, you would know I wouldn’t expect a thing. We started the day like any other day. Taking a walk down the closed street for some coffee and donuts and killing time before the parade. As time got closer and people filled into their seats, you could hear the sirens start signally it was on its way. My sister asked to snap a quick “annual” photo in the street and we posed as if everything wasn’t about to change.

I asked Cody to switch places with her so we could get a picture, little did I know that was the plan. As we stood there smiling for this photo that took forever to take, I realized one by one my family members were taking their phones out to “take our picture” as well and flooding around us. I leaned over to Cody and asked why everyone was taking our photo. No reply. When I finally said okay I’m sure there’s one good one, I started to walk away and out of this now crowd of family members popped my dad holding a speaker and microphone. Yes, people, I was still very clueless at this point. He hands it over to Cody and my tears fell like a waterfall. This was happening.

Seven years later and this was finally happening! I only begged for two years or so! I sobbed like a baby and was too excited to even hear what he was saying. He asked me to marry him, I said yes and the crowd of family around us cheered and cried along with us. We had hundreds of strangers standing on the edge of the street waiting for the parade, cheering, videoing, crying for us. It was the most intense(in all the right ways), emotional moment of my life. The rest of the day seems like a blur, but I seriously will never forget that Fourth of July.