Madisyn and Andrew

How We Met

Andrew and I first met when we were in high school. He was a junior who hung around with my older brother and I was a freshman. We were always friends in passing, but being that I was his friends little sister we never thought of each other as anything more. One of the main things I do remember about our friendship was how no matter where we’d pass in the hallways— he’d always yell at the top of his lungs “hey madisynnnnnn!!!” At the time I thought it was his way of embarrassing me, now I realize it was his way of getting my attention.

After he graduated and moved on to college and work we lost touch! I moved four hours away to attend college and he stayed around our home town. However in the winter of 2016 Andrew and his brother got into a bad wreck on the way home from visiting family up north. This is what started our reconnection! We both were very shy and it seemed like neither of would ever make a move despite “liking” each others every social media post for months. I prayed for him and his recovery daily—but never wanted to be the first one to make a move. One afternoon something gave me a little extra courage and confidence and I sent him a message asking how he’d been. We talked for a few days then the messages stopped coming I figured he’d lost interest and it was over. However a few days later he messaged me apologizing—apparently he thought the same thing and hadn’t realized I’d replied. He asked for my number and we have talked every day since. The first year was the hardest, I was finishing my undergraduate degree and had one of the busiest years of my life. However he stayed patient, coming to visit every chance he could even when it meant packing all my stuff and moving me into a new apartment. That year of having a long distance relationship was a test but it taught us a lot about ourselves and made our love even stronger.

How They Asked

One night Andrew was looking at weekend getaways and had the idea that we should find a cabin somewhere for a weekend. We booked a cabin in West Jefferson and then later Andrew decided to add another day in Mt. Airy….little did I know he was planning more then just a long weekend away. The day of the proposal we spent the day in antique shops and being total tourist! Taking a ride in an old police car learning all about Mt. Airy and the Andy Griffith show, which just happened to be one of our favorite childhood shows. It was an absolute blast! When the day started to wind down Andrew insisted on heading to Pilot Mountain to watch the sunset, I remember thinking why in the world is he so determined to go to this specific spot? But decided to just go along for the ride. We drove to the very top and grabbed the camera bag thinking we were going to catch some sunset snapshots. There was a fence blocking an area off and I was hesitant but he showed me the gate and walked me in. As we walked out on the rocks the wind hit us so hard it blew Andrews hat off, but he insisted that we walk out a little farther. Once we made it out he showed me a spot beside a tree overlooking the beautiful valley below us and said that he wanted to take pictures of me. I thought this was odd but not totally unlike him to do something like that so I walked out to the spot fighting the wind and constantly worrying about my dress blowing up. After a moment I was getting irritated wondering what was taking Andrew so long to take these pictures so I whipped around and there he was down on one knee. I immediately burst into tears thinking oh my! this is real life! I said quickly yes, time stood still in that moment. As he stood up I noticed a woman in a white shirt taking pictures of us! Turns out he hired a wonderful photographer to be there to capture the moment! To top off the surprises I noticed the box Andrew was holding, it was absolutely beautiful—hand made with our initials branded into the top. I quickly asked him about it and he explained that my 8th grade science teacher (one of my favorite teachers of all time) who has a wood working business had made it just for us! He literally thought of everything!!! Afterwards we had a photo shoot with the photographer and spent the entire weekend enjoying our special moment in time—just the two of us!

Special Thanks

Jodi Gray Photography
 | Photography
Pilot Mountain State Park
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