Madison and Dominique

We met our freshman year of college in Abilene. He attended Abilene Christian University and I attended a nearby university Hardin-Simmons University student. It was not until he attended an HSU volleyball game to watch an old high school friend of his, while I was playing for HSU at the time, and pursued me from then on, and the rest is history!


The reason I was making a trip to Dallas this weekend was to celebrate Dominique’s birthday early because it lands on a Tuesday and I am still in the process of finishing graduate school in Abilene. Boy was I in for a surprise. I knew something was up because I saw a text notification from my best friend pop up on his iMac, and typically they never speak unless something’s up. I was expecting something to happen the next day, Friday. Friday passed by, nothing unusual happened.

Saturday rolled around and I set out for my apartment search. He had a group project meeting that afternoon and we had dinner and movie plans to celebrate his 23rd birthday that night. After, getting pack from my apartment hunt, we began to get ready for dinner and a movie and he says to me, “Oh! I forgot to leave a paper with my group for our project. We’ve got to go by campus before dinner.” This was hard for me to believe, but I went with the flow and we were soon at Dallas Baptist University. After running his “paper” inside to his group he came back to the car to tell me, “My group really wants to meet you.” I found this strange, it was a Saturday night and we were late for our “dinner reservations.”


Soon after getting me out of the car, he led me toward the DBU bridge that crosses over a campus pond. The venue was beautiful and we came to the end of the bridge where a gazebo was decorated with rose pedals at my feet, framed pictures of us over the past 5 years, and 8 red and white balloons. After admiring the decor, he continued to lead me through the gazebo and near the shore of the pond where a single bench stood alone.

He looked into my eyes and reminded me of our time together, how we’ve come thus far through good times and bad. He dropped down to one knee and asked me to make him the happiest man alive. I SAID YES!!!!!! Soon after, my mom and some of my absolute dearest friends cheered from across the pond!! I’ve never been more overwhelmed with joy in my entire life. I could relive this moment over and over again. It was perfect!


Photo and Video by Dominique Anderson