Madison and Zachary

Madison's Proposal in The FantaSea Yacht in Kemah, TX

How We Met

Our love story started long before we knew it would ever happen…way back in kindergarten, when Zach & I first met. Never in a million years did I think I’d meet my soulmate at 5 years old, but God had other plans. Before I knew it we were in 2nd grade and I vividly remember thinking Zach had cooties and boys were icky & stinky. It wasn’t long before 4th grade rolled around and Zach moved to another school. Since this was before we had cell phones or social media, we of course lost touch and our lives moved on. He eventually moved around the country due to his father’s job. I never expected our paths to cross again.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in The FantaSea Yacht in Kemah, TX

Fast forward to summer after 8th grade and a mutual friend at the time asks me if I remembered Zach from elementary school…I, of course, said “yes!” and she informs me that his family has moved back to the area and they were living in her neighborhood. I didn’t think much of it, except that it would be neat to reconnect with someone we hadn’t seen since we were little kids. It didn’t take long before we had a close group of friends together and we were all spending the summer hanging out and making memories. I had the BIGGEST crush on Zach at the time! He was no longer that little boy with icky cooties but a cute, kind, smart, funny guy that made my heart skip a beat. I remember thinking he was such a gentleman…he’d hold the door open for people, always said “yes sir” or “yes ma’am” and had a good head on his shoulders.

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I remember being so shocked by him because even though we were so young, he was so different and much more mature than the other boys in my grade…and I really liked it. That aside, I never had the guts to tell him how I really felt. I never thought he’d like me, especially since my friends were much prettier than me and I was still in the awkward phase. Summer flew by and before I knew it Zach was moving once again, but this time all the way to Spain. I figured there was no need to tell him how I felt about him, because I’d probably never see him again. Ninth grade started and sure enough, we lost touch.

Madison and Zachary's Engagement in The FantaSea Yacht in Kemah, TX

Freshman year went by and after that Zach’s family moved back again…to stay (thank you, Jesus)! At the time I was in a crappy relationship, so although Zach reached out to me, I never responded. Thankfully, God had a bigger plan and I eventually dumped my boyfriend. Sophomore year had started and one night I randomly decided to text Zach and catch up on life. Long story short, we started texting and the rest is history. He made me his girlfriend in May 2011 (lucky me!) and we’ve been inseparable ever since! I am so grateful to God for bringing Zach and I back together for good. I can’t imagine my life without him! PS. Turns out he had a big crush on me that summer, too!

Proposal Ideas The FantaSea Yacht in Kemah, TX

how they asked

August 13th, 2017 started out as any regular Sunday morning. I went to church with my family, and then came home and had breakfast. Zach normally joins us for church, but this Sunday he couldn’t because he had told his grandpa he’d help him out with some stuff. My extended family was in town for the weekend and we had made plans to go on a yacht cruise in Kemah – something I’ve always wanted to do! I was bummed Zach couldn’t make it, but I was excited to spend time with family and enjoy the fun day ahead.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in The FantaSea Yacht in Kemah, TX

After breakfast we all freshened up. My Mom made sure that I picked out a cute outfit (thanks, mama!), but it’s not uncommon for me to ask for her opinion, so it didn’t give anything away. After we got ready, we all headed towards Kemah…little did I know this was about to be the BEST. DAY. EVER. When we got there, we made it to the dock and boarded the yacht. It was 2 story, and there was only a few people on the first floor. My Mom turns to this lady and asks, “Oh, are most people upstairs?” and she said, “Yes, y’all are welcome to go on up.” So, my brother headed up first and I followed behind him…

When I got to the top of the stairs I lifted my head and saw the love of my life standing there with the biggest smile on his face. Standing behind him was both of our families and a few of our closest friends. This was the moment I had dreamed of since I was a little girl. I couldn’t believe it was actually happening!

Then Zach quoted a beautiful passage from the Bible that instantly made me ugly cry. He went on to express how the past 6 years together have been the best of his life and how he wants to continue this journey together, growing closer to God as husband and wife and living life hand in hand. I wish I could remember every beautiful word he said, but all I could think about was how excited I was that I get to call him mine forever and how lucky I am that he chose me. The one thing I do remember is that question I’ve been waiting to hear for a long time… “WILL YOU MARRY ME?”

This day was perfect in every way. After the proposal, we had an hour long cruise and we got to celebrate with 40 of the people we love most in this world…including our parents, Zach’s grandparents, our siblings, nieces and nephews, aunts, uncles, cousins, a few family friends and my best friend. It was so special, and I will cherish every moment for as long as I live. I can’t even imagine the amount of love I will feel on our wedding day.

A BIG thank you to my parents for treating Zachary as their own son, and for loving both of us so much.

Words can’t express how grateful I was that my brother came home from Germany to witness our proposal. And I’m so thankful my sister could be there as well. Having both of them there meant everything to me. I am so blessed. I love you both!

Zachary is my backbone, my soulmate, high school sweetheart, my breath of fresh air, better half, protector, comforter, best friend, love of my life, and so much more. He’s the man I prayed for ever since I was a little girl. In a thousand lifetimes I would find him and I would choose him, over and over again. Lord, please make me the best wife possible and help prepare me for marriage. Help mold me into the wife I need to be for Zach, so that he can better lead us and our future family. I cannot wait for what’s to come in our journey; to fill a home with babies (and dogs), to grow old together, and to sit in our rocking chairs on our wrap-around porch. Thank you, Jesus, for giving me this life. Thank you for giving us the gift of love and of marriage. Help us use it to glorify you. And most of all…thank you, Jesus, for Zachary Ryan.

Special Thanks

Mallory & Bryan Crawford
Melody (My Mom) | 
My awesome mama helped Zach put the proposal together!
Kailey (My Cousin) | 
Kailey created the beautiful "Marry Me" sign!