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How We Met

Wyatt and I met through mutual friends and we knew from the beginning that this was something amazing. One thing that really sealed the deal for me is how much he made me laugh and still does! We always talked about marriage and knew that was definelty in the future!

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how they asked

Wyatt proposed on April 1st, yes, also known as April Fools day!! It was crazy because I really had no clue that it was going to happen that Saturday. I mean, we always talked about marriage and our future but we also had a timeline so I knew within the next few months it was coming. We actually had a beach trip planned about three days after we had gotten engaged so if I had any thought of when it would be, I figured then, not some random Saturday night!

The day started off pretty average; I went downtown with Wyatt’s mom and sister that morning and then just hung out! Wyatt had gone golfing with his friends, so when he called me asking if I wanted to go eat downtown I was surprised. I actually told him no because I was just there that morning. Haha! After a few minutes of convincing, I finally agreed! He told where something nice, so I threw on a dress, put my hair in a pony and he picked me up!

Wyatt does this thing where if he is nervous, irritated, or just feeling off, he will start to sing or talk a lot! On the way to dinner, he was doing exactly that. I remember I kept asking him what was wrong because he was acting funny and he just laughed and said nothing! Once we pulled up to parking garage Wyatt made me get out to pay box to get our parking pass, supposedly, while I was out of the car, he was trying to figure out how in the world he was going to fit that ring box in his pocket!

Finally, he got out of the car and we headed towards Grill Marks in downtown Greenville! We were passing a bathroom and I told Wyatt I had to pee so I ran in there, I know you probably don’t want to be reading this but its a big part! Well, anyways, there was a line in the bathroom so it took about 15 minutes before I was done. I walk out and Wyatt yells, “Holy crap, what the heck were you doing in there?!” I was taken back and said, “uhh there was a line, chill out.” Hahaha. Little did I know I was only 10 feet from getting asked one of the biggest questions ever! Poor Wyatt had to stand there waiting for 15 extra minutes, already nervous and I had no clue!

We started walking down the little street, one of my favorite ones downtown! It has all these lights and at night it is stunning! I grabbed his hand as we walked, and it was sweaty. It hit me then. I finally put it all together and before I could even process it all Wyatt was on one knee spilling out his sweet love to me. I just stood there in absolute shock saying, “Wyatt, this is an April fools joke. Omg. This isn’t real. It’s April fools.” Then I saw the perfect ring and I just started laughing or crying or both. I’m not really that sure!! I then turn around and see one of my photography friends capturing the sweet moment!! Wyatt is just freaking bomb and hired Kaydee Hughes Photography to document one of the greatest days ever! I seriously was on cloud nine for months after!

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