Madison and Tyler

Image 1 of Madison and Tyler

How We Met

Art was my favorite subject in high school. No matter what time of day I could always find myself heading into our art room. Being a teachers aide of course was something I enjoyed. I helped students who seemed to have fallen a little behind or may just need a small pep talk from their peer instead of their teacher. Tyler and I had been friends. Myself being 4 feet 9 inches and Tyler being 6 foot. Him and his friends would alway play the game where is Madison like they couldn’t see me. I found myself to start liking this tall handsome guy. As we were in the art room one day Tyler was excited to announce his excited of his number IPhone 2 at the time in 2008. That was pretty something in high school times. I finally couldn’t take I anymore. I knew I liked this 6 foot kid and got the guts to ask him out. Nervously I asked him for his number. A few weeks later we became a couple. Thank you art class, I owe you one!

how they asked

On Saturday, November 21 Tyler and I planned to head to Easton Towncenter for our upcoming seven year anniversary. Easton holds a special place in our heart we had went on our first date here. While I was working at the salon Tyler had went over to my parents house to ask my hand in marriage. My parents exciting agreed. While at the salon all the girls exclaimed how I would be proposed to that night. I pushed the idea away saying not for a few years. After work I processed to get ready in my little black dress to head out for a wonderful dinner at Smith and Wollensky’s. Tyler wanted to do a little shopping before hand. We stopped at the small train station to look around. Then walked over to huge lite tree Easton has each year. As we are but looking and talking about the beautiful tree Tyler begins to walk around. I begin to follow him and find our parents. I simply asked ” what are you doing here?” Then butterflies ran all through me. I knew what was happening! Something I had waited so long for. I turned around and found Tyler in his knee asking me to marry him! A photographer and our family, what more could a girl ask for in her proposal.

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