Madison and Trey

How We Met

Trey and I met through a mutual friend. She was Trey’s friend long before she met me at JSU in the School of Education. Once she met me, she told me about one of her single guy friends that I found very attractive. All three of us ended up being at the Iron Bowl in Auburn, where Trey and I met for the first time. Our mutual friend introduced us to each other and that is about all I could do without my grandmother and mom calling me a thousand times because they were ready to go home. Trey ended up getting my number and texting me the rest of the night and everyday since. He asked me on a date and we went out to eat and went and looked at some Christmas lights with some of his friends. We continued to go on dates together and he finally asked me to be his girlfriend sitting on my parents couch watching a movie. I knew I was falling in love with him during our first beach trip together with some friends. We was at the beach with his parents when we told each other we loved each other. Ever since then we have fallen more and more in love with each other everyday.

Madison's Proposal in Panama City, Florida

how they asked

Trey asked me to marry him while on our mutual friend that introduced us families vacation. We was in Panama City Beach and our friend said she wanted to try out her camera that her grandmother had got her a couple years ago and just never used. I was shocked that Trey even agreed because he hates photos. We got ready and headed to the beach where our friend was supposed to take photos of us and her little nieces and nephews. Once we got to the beach I kept asking and asking when the little kids was gonna be down on the beach to take photos. Our friend came up to me as was posing me for a photo and said I had something in my hair which she was “getting out” while Trey was getting on his knee. I turned around and he was on one knee with the most beautiful ring in his hand. He got up and said “here” and I was like “you have to ask me a question”. He was so nervous he forgot to ask me the biggest question. I screamed “YES” all while our mutual friend who introduced us captured all these sweet moments with her camera her grandmother got her.

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