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how we met – madison

In 2009, I was a senior at Tuscaloosa County High School and Trent was a sophomore. I was on dance line and Trent played football, so every day after practice, everyone would go to the parking lot before heading home. At 15 years old, Trent obviously wasn’t old enough to drive so some days his cousin, Robby, had to take him home. It just so happened that Robby was dating my best friend at the time, so there were a few days that we would hang around in the parking lot a little longer than usual. One particular day, Robby asked me to grab a football out of his backseat so we all could throw it around. As I opened the door, there sat a boy I had never seen before in my life and it startled me at first! The first words out of my mouth were, “Who are you?” He replied with a shy “I’m Trent, Robby’s cousin.” That was our first official meeting, but Trent refused to ask me on date until he was old enough to drive. Little did we know, we had been living in the same neighborhood for most of our lives. We have been together since January 11, 2009…and the rest is history.

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how they asked – trent

Madison and I have been dreaming about getting married almost since day 1. We came to the agreement that it would be best to wait until after I graduate from engineering at The University of Alabama and we both have jobs. Knowing that, I had plenty of time to come up with a pretty good idea. Madison and her family LOVE anything Disney, but they live for Walt Disney World vacations. Just by chance, her family scheduled a week-long trip two days after my graduation, so I knew that this was my chance.

A lot of Disney World proposals are too original (no offense to anyone else) and I knew that Madison would not want your average Disney proposal. We have always wanted to eat at The California Grill at Disney’s Contemporary Resort. While studying one day, I took a break and made a reservation for the second night of our trip…they had ONE reservation left for that night at the PERFECT time, so I knew this was the route I was supposed to take. After dating for almost seven and a half years, I had a feeling that Madison would be expecting it this trip (whether she will admit that or not). For some reason, my gut feeling was telling me not to propose at the restaurant. I thought to myself, if I’m going to be nervous during this, she needs to be nervous too! So I am going to eat, leave, and send her on a little “hunt” to find me. I had a beach in mind at Disney’s Polynesian Resort that I wanted it all to take place on.

Our first day on vacation we spent by the pool and that evening we planned to go to Disney Springs for some shopping and dinner. I agreed to this knowing that I would have to sketch out and go set everything up while everyone else went to Disney Springs. When I told Madison that I was not going, she got furious! I kept thinking to myself… “If she only knew…” So I headed straight to The California Grill and asked for the manager. The Disney employees are absolutely incredible and he was more than willing to help me make this happen. We took care of the ticket that night so all I had to do was eat, tell Madison I had to “go to the restroom”, and I could head to the beach at the Polynesian. But, I had to have a way to get her there. For the past few years, every note I wrote to her was on engineering paper, which is much different than standard writing paper. I decided to write her a note on engineering paper that included the steps to meet me at a special place for a big surprise. The waiter was to give her this note after I “went to the restroom”. By now, she would know that something is up so I wanted to give her time to slow down and take everything in. After meeting with the manager at The California Grill, I headed over to the Polynesian Resort to check out the beach area. I went to the front desk and met a cast member named Emily, who is a prime example of Disney’s impeccable customer service. She was also more than willing to help and was very excited to play a part.

The day of the proposal, we arrived to dinner early and were seated right away. We had a great dinner with an unbelievable view! The time came after we ate and I left the table to head to the Polynesian. When I arrived, I met Leo and Brittany Trevino with Rad Red Creative who played the main part of the evening. We all went straight to the front desk to meet with Emily, but she also had a surprise for us. She told the manager about the plan and he gave us two Hawaiian leis that would be used after the proposal and a flower for Madison to put in her hair which represents that she is now on her way to a permanent relationship. Leo, Brittany, and I made our way to the beach to wait for Madison while Emily waited at the elevator for Madison to arrive. When Madison arrived, Emily introduced herself and told her that she has a surprise and needs to follow her. Emily brought her to the beach where I waiting and then it was all up to me to follow through! Madison’s mom and dad were both there waiting and watching the entire thing, but her dad was able to surprise her mom by telling her that they were going to eat dinner at the resort…she was clueless!

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Leo and Brittany were able to capture everything on video and get some beautiful pictures. Their love for what they do made our special day so much better than what I expected. They went above and beyond to capture this and now we both have something to look back on and can enjoy forever! We formed a bond with these people that will never go away and could not be more thrilled with what they did for us.

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After the proposal, we returned to The California Grill to meet with the staff who was waiting for us as we got off of the elevator. We were able to go outside, call our friends and family to share the news, and watch the firework show, Wishes, from the top of the resort. It was an evening that we will never forget and I am so thankful for everyone that helped us create this moment.

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