Madison and Taylor

how we met

We met on the first day of Junior year of high school. He was the new kid at my small private school so he caught my eye literally as soon as he walked through the gym doors for orientation.

how they asked

The proposal was a COMPLETE surprise. I always thought I was going to figure out when he was going to do it but he had me totally fooled. We had planned a full day with our closest friends on Morris Island at Folly Beach. I had actually planned most of the day and invited our friends, unbeknownst to me. My childhood best friend unfortunately decline my invitation saying she was unable to come; my husband had actually planned her arrival as a surprise that day. We all took a walk down the island to take pictures in front of the Folly Beach lighthouse. Madison and I were the last couple to take our picture & of course everyone had their phones out to capture the moment I’d never forget! He proposed with our best friends, at our favorite summer spot and even coordinated an after party to celebrate at the family beach house & it could not have been more perfect!

Special Thanks

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