Madison and Robert

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How We Met

Madison and I met at church on August 28, 2016! I never knew of a Madison McCoy before that day. Her sister and brother-in-law were sitting directly in front me. The preacher asked for the congregation to get into groups and pray over some specific things. I made eye contact with the couple in front of me, her sister and brother-in-law, and we prayed together. Next thing I knew, this blonde girl walks and sits next to the couple in front of me. Immediately after the service ended, Madison’s sister pops up out of her chair, turns around, and says, “Hey Robert, this is my sister Madison and she went to Oklahoma Christian too!” Morgan new from a conversion following the prayer earlier that I went to the same college. Madison and I had a small conversation then I wished her a great week and went on my way!

The next week she ended up sitting directly across from me and I couldn’t tell you what the sermon was about. I was so focused on asking her out that anything up to that moment is blacked out! After church, I timed my way to reach the bottom of some stairs so that I could make eye contact and initiate a conversation. My first sentence was, “I don’t know if you are dating anyone, but I would love to go on a walk sometime and get to know you.” (My words may have had a bit more stumble in them due to her beauty, but for stories sake I said it perfect haha)

Two days later I am meeting at her house on Labor Day and walking around the block while we get to know each other better. Weeks later we were dating more frequently and eventually labeled ourselves and Boyfriend and Girlfriend!

how they asked

A day before I popped the question, I was a groomsman in a friend’s wedding. During the reception, Madison caught the bouquet and then I caught the garter! If there was a sign to me that proposing to this girl was supposed to happen, then there was nothing clearer than that.

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The very next day we were going to a house concert. One of my favorite bands, The Icarus Account, was coming into town. However, they were opening and the headliners cancelled the last leg of their tour. Luckily The Icarus Account decided to find a house to play at! When they announced this on Facebook, I immediately felt that I could do something with that. I called Diamonds Direct first, since the ring wasn’t supposed to be ready for another 3 weeks. From there I emailed the band asking if I could propose to Madison at their concert. Following that I called photographers and videographers for availability. Within 3 hours I had the ring being ready that afternoon, the band gave me the go to propose, and photographers and videographers were booked! It came together so quick and I just went along with all that was working out.

On Sunday September 3, 2017, I went to pick Madison up and she was acting a bit strange. She was stressed out about what she was wearing and making sure it all looked absolutely perfect. I even ironed her dress while she put on makeup to help lessen her anxiety. I was getting curious to why she was making tonight such a big deal.

On the way to the concert we picked up a pizza, and then once we got to the house I stopped her from getting out of the car and asked her if she was nervous. She replied with something I was not expecting! You see Madison teaches music for a living and gigs around OKC. She thought that I may have emailed the band and told them that she has sung one of their love songs to me at a gig before, therefore it would be great if they would call her up to the front and sing it with them. I quickly replied with, “NO! If anything, babe I will go up there and sing with them. I in no way asked them to do that!” Thank goodness that’s all it was. I thought someone had slipped that I was proposing!

Next, we walked into a random person’s backyard and met the band following our conversation in the car. I had emailed the band back and forth so we could all be on the same page for when I was going to propose. I was proposing on the song “Favorite Girl” and then following that song they were going to play “All My Love” while we dance and enjoy the moment. My only fear was that the sun would go down before I could propose. I got one of the band members to meet with me inside the house by the bathroom to see what we could do about the sun going down so quick. He said that if its starts getting close then he will do the song first or second.

After what felt like forever, they began playing. The guys asked for song recommendations and I quickly yelled out, “Favorite Girl!”. They shook it off and begin with someone else’s recommended song. My thought process was wondering what’s going on?! The sun is going down, I was crazy nervous, but trying not to show it, while I had the ring in my pocket. After two other songs, they began to play THE SONG. I was just waiting for the moment in the song where I planned to pull the ring out and propose. It finally came and I fumbled for the ring, but then finally, with emotion already on my face, looked at her with the ring. She was shocked and crying.

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After the proposal, the band played “All My Love” and we danced while soaking in the moment. Madison was so shocked that it took her a good 10 minutes to realize her whole family was there too. When she noticed that she broke down. It was a spectacular moment caught on video and photos. I will never forget how special all of this came out! Love you Madison.

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(Pic above: Madison said this was her “Princess Bride” moment, she described it as in the moment she thought to her self…I better kick my leg up because this is THE MOMENT!)

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