Madison and Rhett

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How We Met

Rhett and I met in August of 2015. I had always though he was very handsome, but I never saw him as anything more than a friend because I was dating someone at the time. Well, eventually we became good friends and I realized that I really enjoyed his easy going, and joking personality. He was such a nice guy to everyone who knew him, but to the people who REALLY knew him, he let down his walls and was the real Rhett. After my past relationship ended a bit abruptly, Rhett was there for me, always cheering me up and offering to go out of his way to make sure I was happy. I relied on him so much just to make me smile that I began to realize just how handsome he was on the outside AND the inside. Well fast forward to about 4 months later, we begin going out on dates and not soon after, I began to fall in love with my best friend.

how they asked

We had been discussing marriage for a while and had even gone together to have my dream ring custom made. We had been planning to go to the Grand Canyon with his brother and sister in law for a couple weeks because I had never been and we finally decided on a date to go. I didn’t think the ring would be done until that next week, but turns out Rhett had gotten the ring and was just trying to throw me off guard (as any guy in his position would do). To be completely honest, I had hoped that he would propose at the Grand Canyon, but I knew that the ring wasn’t done yet and I had told him that I didn’t want a temporary ring because I wanted him to propose with the ring that I was going to wear for the rest of my life. So because of that, I just thought that we were going to the Grand Canyon for the fun of it! Well, for anyone who knows Rhett, he is amazing at writing poems and I absolutely love when he reads them to me. About a month before he proposed, he had told me that he was going to write me a poem when he got down on one knee.

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Well imagine my surprise when he pulled out a poem he had written at the edge of the cliff we were standing on and began to read me a poem he had written about our love story. Then he got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife for eternity. I balled like a baby and kissed that man senseless! My cheeks hurt so bad from smiling so much at the end of that trip. And of course since we were engaged at the Grand Canyon, we only saw it fit to take our bridal photos at Horseshoe Bend.

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Special Thanks

Mckayla Martin
 | Photographer