Madison and Rhett

Madison's Proposal in Emory Winship Cancer Institute

How We Met

I’ve typed the beginning of this story a million times and I cannot come up with the perfect way to describe our beginning. I can’t sugar coat the basic facts nor can I create this dreamy fairy tale.

I was Rhett’s boss, kinda. I was the scheduler for his baseball lessons and told him when to report to work and when he could leave. He had the hots for me and was VERY persistent. After several failed attempts to ask me out, he finally figured out “If I don’t give her an option to say no, then she has to agree.” So Rhett presented me with a situation: You are going to let me take you out just once and I promise you’ll fall in love with me. He’s always been a cocky little thing, nothing has changed. Inevitably, I agreed to a date.

Madison and Rhett's Engagement in Emory Winship Cancer Institute

June 30th, 2016 Rhett send me a text about “trusting in the future.” What? At this point in my life, I couldn’t even predict the next week of my life… much less my future. He proceeds to tell me “I got a plan easy.” Curiosity killed the cat, much as it killed my single life as I asked what his plan was. “Marry me.”

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Obviously, I knew, or so I thought I knew, he was joking. He explained his plan: I understand how you trust me, but let me take you on a date so you’ll fall in love”

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That’s the best beginning of our story the best I can tell it. Rhett has always been a charmer and that’s a reason on the long list of reasons that I am beyond ecstatic to spend the rest of my life with him.

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How They Asked

We are nearing the end of our lease at our first apartment and things take a hard turn for the worst. I fall extremely ill. This was the biggest test our relationship had encountered thus far. I was going from appointment to appointment with doctors afraid to diagnose me. When things finally got serious, I saw a new side of Rhett. I saw a side of him that made me think of him as more than a young man hitting on the front desk girl at the baseball facility. I saw him as a husband. The father of our future children. The man I wanted to build a home with.

Days leading up to my big appointments we would spend the evenings crying in fear of the future and not knowing what plan God had for us. We thought surely we wouldn’t be given to each other just to be torn apart. We wouldn’t have become such formidable pieces of each other’s lives just to become an emotionally devastating season. We knew there was a purpose.

I had cancer.

Rhett loved me enough for the both of us during this time. He reminded me every day that hair or no hair, I was beautiful. He reminded me that I was loved. He stayed by my side through the good, bad, and downright terrible days. He was there through several surgeries, chemotherapy treatments, and the mental journey of it all. Never did he leave my side. He supported me in ways I never imagined possible. He took care of me.

Three months of chemotherapy, appointments, and countless sick days later he asked me, for real this time, to marry him. Right as I was about to ring the bell signaling my chemotherapy was done, he dropped to one knee and choked out the words “Will you marry me?”

THE BIG MOMENT! December 27, 2018

I did not feel well after chemo but I managed to snap this picture to send to a few friends to let them know about the engagement.

The morning after the engagement when I woke up and said “Is this real life? Rhett comes here I want to take a picture of you!”

December 27, 2018.

Mini Engagement Session | Credits to: Sterling P Photography

Mini Engagement Session | Credits to: Sterling P Photography

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