Madison and Quentyn

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How We Met

Our story is a funny one. We met in high school when I was a sophomore he was a senior. I wasn’t really good friends with him at all, however his sister and I were really good friends…can you see where this is going lol! We became really close friends a couple of years later than by Summer 2016 we fell in love and by January 2020 were engaged! I am truly marrying my bestfriend and soulmate. We love being together no matter what we are doing, our favorite thing to do is a travel and take on new adventures and cultures. I can’t wait to seal the deal this year in December!

How They Asked

We got engaged January 31st, 2020 in Napa Valley, the most gorgeous and romantic setting ever! My fiancé and his family planned a trip up north (we are from Temecula) to go see his sister and her husband. The trip had been all planned and the night before I was able to bail, I was tired from work and really not up for the 10-hour drive. We went back and forth on the phone that night about me not coming… to say he was stressed is an understatement!

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I can’t imagine being in his position lol! Finally, after I agreed to go on this trip and thank the Lord I did! He had been planning this for months. That second day in Napa Valley we visited gorgeous sites and wineries, we ended up at Castello di Amorosa where it all happened. A gorgeous historic-looking castle with miles of vineyards.

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We went up the front steps of this castle and nobody was on site just his family that was going to take our photo. All of a sudden he turns and looks at me, I almost had a feeling of what he was about to do but didn’t think it was real because my family wasn’t there. I always told him I wanted both families or no families at the proposal so I wasn’t thinking I was going to become a fiancé! He turns to me and starts telling me how much he loves me and gets down on one knee.

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I remember everything happening so fast and I was balling my eyes out right away. I look over to my right and see my parents, brother, and grandma all cheering and smiling! I was in shock with so many emotions it was an incredible moment. Not to mention he hired a professional photographer to document the entire thing without me knowing!

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We ended up getting gorgeous photos all throughout this castle and vineyards. To follow was a very nice dinner celebration for us with our closest family members and free wine tastings! It was an amazing, unforgettable day and weekend. We had two days left and we enjoyed it at the wineries and shopping! The second picture below you’ll see the rawest reaction of myself right as he popped the question! Mr. and Mrs. Luna in December 2020!

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