Madison and Nick

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Epcot- Disney World

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One of the first things Nick and I bonded over was our love of adventure and desire to travel. So I thought nothing was out of the ordinary when we planned a vacation to Disney World last Fall. It is one of Nicks most favorite places in the world, having gone many times with his parents and three siblings. He was shocked when we met to hear that even though I had traveled all over the globe, being an only child, Disney World was never a vacation my family made the time for. He surprised me for our first anniversary with Disney tickets and I absolutely fell in love and understood the magic that is Disney World! When we started planning our second trip last Fall we invited both of our families and only his was able to commit. He tried very had to get my parents to come but they were adamant they had a lot going on. “Next trip, we promise!” they told him.

He made it a priority to go to Epcot first since it’s our favorite park. Getting to tour around the world is our favorite part since it brings some of our dream vacation destinations just steps away from each other! I still thought nothing was out of the ordinary when I made us matching group t-shirts for each park and he refused to wear his on the first morning! He told me he had gotten us a reservation at one of the restaurants in the park and the dress-code was strict so we should dress nice. We got to the park and immediately spotted a Disney photographer and his mom asked if we could stop for pictures. While we posed he turned to me and said “Look who is here!” I turned around to see my mom, dad, Aunt and Uncle standing behind us grinning ear to ear.

It took me a minute to catch on until my dad shook his hand and handed him that little blue box. He had coordinated the entire trip to have them surprise us and fly in, he even called before hand and made sure the photographer would be waiting right there to capture the whole moment! He blew me away with his thoughtfulness. Not just in making the moment special for us but bringing our families together to enjoy the moment as well! He got down on one knee and asked me to be his forever. Even strangers passing by stopped to watch, applaud and congratulate us. As soon as I said yes he let me know he had made us the reservation of a lifetime, dinner in Paris right under the Eiffel tower! With both of our families we set off as one towards our happily ever after!

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Epcot- Disney World