Madison and Nick

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How We Met

Nick and I met when we were living in Chicago 4 years ago. We met through a popular online dating app and talked back and forth for a few days. After we video-chatted and knew we weren’t being catfished we decided to meet up for our first date! We and hit it off from the first night and I knew he was someone super special. Everything about that night felt so natural. I am not one to kiss on a first date typically but my bossy self decided to ask—”Are you going to kiss me yet?” He of course obliged and it was the most perfect first kiss ever! Heel kick and butterflies—no joke :-) The rest was history!

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How They Asked

On Fridays, we both typically work half-days. The day he proposed he came home and said, “We’re going out to lunch.” I thought it was strange that he was making the plans (usually I call the shots…) When we went to leave I saw a Nissan Figaro sitting in the parking lot… For those of you who may not know, it’s a tiny, baby blue car that is the most adorable car you’ll find out on the road! It takes you straight back to the ’50s. I had been harassing him since we moved to Traverse City, MI back in 2018 to rent this car through a car rental company but it just never seemed to work out.

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We went to lunch, took pictures in the car (he’s a photographer/content creator), and NOTHING! I was so confused. Later that evening we took the car out again for a sunset drive to Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore. He pulled over at one of our favorite spots, got out of the car, and dragged me along to claiming he was going to quickly grab a photo of it without us.

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From there he was down on one knee and of course, I said HECK YES! We got ice cream and watched the sunset with our little puppy Franklin.

Little did I know– The proposal surprise didn’t end there. The next morning he told me that the 2 of us would be joining my mom in New York City for a quick weekend trip to pick out my wedding dress at Kleinfeld! I had watched “Say Yes to the Dress” since I was a little girl and have been binging it in the last few months. As you can imagine, my jaw dropped on the floor when he told me the news! The first dress I tried on was THE dress! Who would have thought I’d fall in love with the first wedding dress I stepped into? I love you, Nick! Thanks for making these memories and life moments so special. Can’t wait to marry you!

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