Madison and Matthew

How We Met

Matthew and I matched on Bumble on February 5th, 2018. He had extended the match so I reached out and said that the fact that he extended the match was a compliment in itself. His first question to me was “What movie would be funnier to remake into a musical? Talladega Nights, Die Hard, or Napoleon Dynamite?”. I said Talladega Nights because who doesn’t want to see a flipping race car across a stage?! We planned a date for that coming Sunday night at a wine bar. Friday night came along and one of my friends was in LA and we were going out to celebrate her birthday. We both had gone to Baylor and she had heard plenty of stories from our mutual friends involving me, one too many margaritas, and Wednesday night karaoke at Scruffs. So her one request is we would get “college Madison drunk” and go out and have a grand time. One thing led to another and we were at No Vacancy in Hollywood and unbeknownst to me, two blocks from Matthew’s apartment. I was texting him already and I told him to come, join us and our little group. After he consulted his roommate, who told him not to go, he walked down the street to meet us. He said all of one sentence before I made out with his face and spent the rest of the night with him. On the Uber ride how I definitely remember telling my driver that I had just met THE MOST AMAZING man ever. That is one thing I definitely got right.

I was planning on being at the wine bar for our first date for an hour and a half on Sunday night…..five and a half hours later we finally left. After talking about family, friends, faith, goals, careers, politics, and everything else you’re not supposed to talk about on a first date, I knew I had met someone who was going to be very special in my life. A few dates later, I was telling all my best friends that I was going to marry this man. AND HERE WE ARE!

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Joshua Tree

How They Asked

One of my close friends, Sarah, had posted on her Instagram story back in around March that she was going to be in California and was looking to shoot a couple in Joshua Tree. About a week or so later Sarah texted me asking if Matthew and I would like to do the shoot with her on May 4th! I told her I would ask him about it and see. He said he would be up for it so we booked the shoot with her. Little did I know Matthew had already picked May 4th as the day he was going to propose to me. He had a whole alternate plan in Malibu but switched gears when I brought up the shoot with Sarah. He told our families, who had already bought flights, that the plan was changing and they would be going to Joshua Tree now. He and our families had coordinated that they would be staying nearby in a house and that he would bring me to the house after and they would surprise me. The entire time I was making plans with Sarah to stay with her and her boyfriend, Stephen, in their Airbnb so we could all spend time together.

Where to Propose in Joshua Tree

Once we got out to Joshua Tree after driving from Los Angeles, Sarah and Stephen showed us where we were going since they had been scouting locations. We started to take pictures and were having a ton of fun under Sarah’s guidance. She had us dodging each other’s kisses, saying cereals in a sexy voice in each other’s ears, etc. Then she told me I was going to look at her and Matthew was going to sneak up behind me four times and to react to whatever he did. The first time he gave me a huge bear hug. The second time he grabbed my butt. The third time he scooped me up in his arms. The fourth time he tapped me on my shoulder and I turned around and there he was. Down on one knee, ring in hand. He said “Surprise!” followed by, “Madison Catherine Walker….” then I prematurely kissed him because I was SO EXCITED! Which he reacted by saying “You have to let me finish talking” haha! Then he said “you are the greater thing that’s ever happened and you’re more important to me than anything. I can’t imagine living a day of my life without you. Will you marry me?” which of course I said “YES!” to!

Madison's Proposal in Joshua Tree

I then cried a bit and he teared up as he slipped the most beautiful ring I’ve ever seen on my finger. I had absolutely no idea he was going to propose that weekend! I had made all the plans after all!

Matthew and I took more pictures with Sarah for a bit before wrapping up saying we’ll all head back to the Airbnb. Matthew said he had the address from Sarah and he would map it. I called my parents first when we got cell service and they said they were SO excited and said they were so excited to celebrate with me in a few weekends to follow. Then I called my brother and sister. My sister said she was excited but couldn’t be there because she was in the middle of studying for her finals at Baylor. My brother was in New York since he’s in school there for men’s fashion. Matthew said he would call his parents once we got to Sarah’s.

We pulled up to the house and Sarah’s car wasn’t outside but there was another car outside. We tried to call her with no answer. Matthew suggested going up and knocking on the door and said maybe Sarah’s airbnb is their guest house and maybe they would let us in. So we knocked on the door and as soon as it opened there was my mom and his mom! I gave them both one great big hug and cried some more. My sister and her boyfriend were also there along with Matthew’s dad, his sister, and her husband. They threw us an engagement party that was absolutely perfect. Matthew and my mom had picked out food and a cake and gotten my favorite wines! The entire house was decorated with flowers and balloons and looked amazing. I had previously told Matthew an important thing to me was having our family there after we got engaged to celebrate with them. He truly thought of everything!

It was so special to spend that first night being engaged with the people we love most in the world (minus my brother, missed you, Carson!). The best day of my life thus far! Can’t wait to be married to you, Matthew Martin!!!!

Special Thanks

Sarah Lindstrom
 | Photographer