Madison and Lucas

Where to Propose in Scarritt Bennett Center- Nashville,TN

How We Met

April 2015 I decided to go to a Sam Hunt concert with my then roommate at George’s Majestic Lounge. We ended up getting first in line and front row center. The opening band came out to set up and that’s when I noticed Lucas. I thought to myself “who is that?!” He then looked up at me and did a double take with a cute little smile. The entire time they played I could not stop looking at him. My phone was awful and kept dying, but I got one blurry little picture of just him. After the show I went straight home and ended up following him on Instagram. Yes, Instagram! He reached out and messaged me saying ” you are the girl at the show I couldn’t stop staring at! ” long story short we talked non stop and I drove 8 hours to Nashville two weeks later. Fell in love immediately. Then moved 2 months later ! It was a crazy leap of faith, but it was the best decision I have ever made (next to saying YES ).When you know, you know!x

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Scarritt Bennett Center- Nashville,TN

how they asked

Lucas put together a fake photo-shoot and had the photographer ( who had taken our picture a year ago for an assignment) message me asking if we could help her out with another “assignment”. She said it was very formal, so we had to dress up. Of course I agreed, I love a photo-shoot and getting dressed up! So we went to Scarritt Bennett, which is a gorgeous venue in Nashville, and we started taking pictures. I kept saying ” I have no clue what pose to do next!” (Mind you it was freezing and I had a strapless dress on) next thing I know I look over and he’s down on one knee, promising me forever, and asking me to be his wife!

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Scarritt Bennett Center- Nashville,TN

I cried, I laughed and I said YES!! Not only is the ring my now engagement ring, but the main diamond he used was my grandmothers who passed away last year.

She had always told me since I was a little girl once she passed she wanted me to have her ring. I’m so happy he incorporated her on our special day.

Now every time I look at it I know she will be with me every step of the way. . Once we got home, he told me to pack an over night bag and that we had many plans for the night. We stopped for “drinks” before dinner and I walk in to our parents sitting at a table ! I then cried AGAIN! After dinner he got us a room at the Westin, where both our parents were staying and again said we should grab a drink on the rooftop bar. This man is amazing because he surprised me for the THIRD time with all of our Nashville friends waiting on us. The next day we left for Gatlinburg and spent a couple days in the Smoky Mountains in the most romantic cabin. He is the most thoughtful,selfless man and I can’t wait to spend forever with him.

Special Thanks

Brianna Shelby Corbett-Ahnert | 
She photographed the entire thing!