Madison and Logan

How We Met

Logan and I are true High School Sweethearts. We met in 7th grade at Oklahoma Christian School in Edmond, OK! We have run in similar friend groups since 8th grade, but it wasn’t until junior year of High School that we started dating. We had been very good friends for about a year, and I had the biggest crush on Logan, but I knew that he only wanted to be friends. In December of 2010, he asked me to Winter Formal, our High Schools formal dance. We started dating only two weeks later on December 30th, 2010. We continued to date the rest of High School, and when college approached we chose to attend rival colleges. He attended Oklahoma State University, and I attended the University of Oklahoma. We decided that we would try long distance, but we shortly realized that it was something that we did not want to do forever. I decided to transfer to OSU to be closer to him, and I’m so glad that I did. The next three years of college were the best years of our lives! We attend many date parties, had countless amounts of movie nights, and enjoyed having a new life together here in Stillwater, Oklahoma.

how they asked

As graduation was approaching, I was fully anticipating a proposal shortly before or after graduation. I have been very skeptical of Logan’s upcoming plans and have been overthinking everything he said or did to try and figure out when it could possibly be! He completely caught me off guard, and I was totally surprised. Because he knew that I was expecting it, he had to start the “Proposal Day” off at somewhere casual where I would not think twice about going; Papa John’s. I am the biggest pizza lover, and Logan and I often would order pizza and watch our favorite Netflix series for our date night. He texted me and said that he had ordered a pizza for us, but he was still tied up with his group project for school, and asked if I would pick it up for him. I was already hanging out with one of my friends, Hannah. I began to get skeptical of what was going on, but she told me “he probably is just trying to order you dinner and do something sweet,” I agreed and then did not think anything of it. Hannah offered to drive me to pick up the pizza because she said she also needed to run errands and we could pick up the pizza on the way. Still totally oblivious, I agreed. When we arrived at Papa John’s, I walked in and saw two of my best friends from High School, Logan’s twin brother, and Kelsey who was photographing the whole thing. I immediately started bawling, because I knew what was happening. They handed me a note that said “Friends and pizza are the best way to start a Sunday. You can have a slice, but don’t get too full! Go home and put some nice clothes on and I will see you soon!”

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The whole way home I was discussing with Hannah what I could possibly wear. Little did I know, Logan had every detail planned. When I arrived home all of my friends were there with a new outfit, my makeup, and curling iron all ready for me! We all talked while getting ready and it was a moment I will cherish forever.Image 2 of Madison and Logan

I was then given another note that said “Wow! You look beautiful! There is only one problem, the nails!” I then went to a nail salon where I was greeted by two more of my friends. They sat there with me while I got my nails done and talked with me.

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Then, I was instructed to go to LifeChurch here in Stillwater. I was immediately confused because I knew that there was a service starting soon. When I arrived there, my entire immediately family was waiting for me. This was such a special moment for me, because Logan knew that I wanted my family to be apart of it. He exceeded any expectation I ever had. I was then given another note that said “This place has played such a big part in our relationship, and I thought it would be special to be here one last time with your family. Also, tell your parents thank you for raising the woman of my dreams.” You can only imagine how hard I am crying at this point.

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Then, I was driven to the Botanical Garden in Stillwater. I had never been here but when I arrived it was the most beautiful view, not to mention Logan timed it perfectly with the sun set. I walked along a path with Hannah until I could see Logan at a distance. I refused to look at him as I was walking up because I knew that I could not hold back tears. When I finally saw him we both started crying. He immediately began saying the sweetest words, which I barely remember. The “blacking out” during proposal is a totally real thing. When he finally got down on one knee and asked me to marry me, I quickly replied “OF COURSE!!” Shortly after, both of our families walked up. It was such a special day to share with each and every one of my loved ones, from friends to family.

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To top off the perfect proposal… There was a surprise engagement party right after! I walked into a house full of all of our closest friends and family. Logan truly thought of every aspect and made this the most unforgettable day, fully documented! I cannot wait to continue our journey from “High School Sweethearts” to Husband and Wife!

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Special Thanks

Kelsey Albertson
 | Photography